Thursday, December 5, 2013

Need a Free LOS Blocking Peice of Terrain?

TJ here to talk about something our friend Dave Weston at Confessions of a 40k Addict has brought to life for free - a 3d Building Template, scaled to 40k that will certainly block LOS and can be found and printed for free, well, for whatever it cost you for the supplies, haha. Here is a look at it in real life:

Alright, so you are already going to tell me that you can find a free building template online. Does your FLGS have an issue with terrain? Particularly the kind that blocks Line of Sight (that would be 99% of all FLGS's I have EVER been to)? Well, here is a little something you can make or let a store know about that might add a little Christmas Terrain Cheer to your home table or the tables at your store. I like it because you can cut it up and make a few ruins out of just one template or ... you can have a building in the 40k universe that hasn't been destroyed! I have read about that once or twice in the fluff, haha. I think Dave has made for us, out of the kindness of his heart, a really cool building that can actually be a building, a giant line of sight blocking peice of terrain or some fun scenery in any tabletop game.

SO, to see more of this building and to find a link to download the building (and likely more great free templates from Dave Weston, check out this post here. Also, be kind enough to let Dave know what you think!


  1. Yeah his terrain templates are great! You can build most of them with some posterboard and a box of cereal, they would also make a decent start for more sturdy materials.

  2. I love that blog. Good stuff. He's got all sorts of downloadable terrain.

  3. Unbelievably TJ is right, you can make an actual building with these, not just ruins! Many thanks to Dark Future Gaming for sharing the templates, they've been a long time supporter of my efforts. I've a two storey wide building in the same style still to finish and then I'll be slowly releasing 4 further styles in the same three sizes.

    However, it doesn't end there because if you wanted to be more creative, although these are really for aimed at the cash strapped or terrain poor that doesn't mean you can't tinker with them, you could mix up the templates. So I will be making an 11" wide square building, but you could easily drop in the 2 storey tower 1 along one side to make it rectangular. You could even add on the square piece to the wide piece and have a T-shaped building just like the old epic 40k buildings!

    I've got a really cool template I'm working on which will be mostly glass! You print it on acetate and then print another version on card for the front and foamboard for the back and sandwich it together for a sturdy construction.

    Anyway, thanks again to DFG and all those who download my terrain templates or gaming freebies. As TJ says, if you use them please leave a comment if you take any pictures of them in use or any suggestions or feedback I'm always interested and if I can implement changes to make them better I will. And please share the links with anyone who may benefit. :)