Monday, December 16, 2013

Local Tourney Preparation - 1850

Ho all!
Fly back with plans to get out of the house and attend a local event. One of our three Lansing area game stores is hosting an event coming up on January 5th and from what I understand, it will be an 1850 point tournament with no Escalation, Dataslates or Stronghold allowed. There goes my Bel'akor idea.
So with some 20 days to prepare, its time to get ready!
The last game I played, I ran something semi-familiar in the form of Chaos/Necrons. The stuff that was new to me was Maulerfiends. Well, here's the thing, I have one Maulerfiend that I'll be hard pressed to have painted before then and haven't even started scratch building my other two. So, back to the drawing board.
I tend to enjoy playing Chaos Marines. I think I like playing it more than Daemons as my primary mainly due to Warpstorm. Interesting mechanic, just a little too random for me. Plus, people don't seem to like playing against Fateweaver. Actually that's a bit false. I don't think people don't like playing against people playing with Fateweaver, I don't like playing against people who don't like playing against Fateweaver. Of the eight or so games I've played with him, five of the times people rolled their eyes or made some sort of comment. Wait, what? Fateweaver bothers you? I'd hate to see your reaction against six Wave Serpents. Or four Riptides. Or 2+ rerollable death-stars. But hey, you win, I won't use him. No big deal. We're not a thing or anything.
Plus, I don't enjoy playing Daemons primary. So there. I won't rule them out as allies though. Their Daemon Princes are great. And Fateweaver and I are still friends on Facebook. It's complicated. Don't tell them I said that.

My Necrons are also possible as a primary but their no-Warlord chart thing actually really bugs me. Why no-data-slate update?! Is it so hard to make that available?
My Guard hasn't interested me really at all, even though my buddy Jerren has loaned me two more Vendettas, giving me a very possible triple Vendetta/ single Heldrake list, WITH a Daemon Prince to boot. Maybe I overplayed them in 5th? Or that if I run some sort of mechanized Guard, I just am totally outshot by Eldar. I don't want to bring a knife to a gun fight.

So that probably leaves me with Chaos Marines / Necron anyways. Chaos as primary as I want to use all of my Fast Attack slots and Necrons as allies to take advantage of double scoring Scythes.
After screwing around with points and models that I had available, I came out with this at the bottom:

Some notes:

Obviously the Vindicators seem to be coming out of nowhere. Who uses those anyways? ME BABY! At first glance, they are TERRIBLE in the current meta. And they sure could be. But I really like AV 13, I really like the short/deadly threat range and how it interacts with my close combat threats. Additionally, they will make deathstars nervous if they ever fail a psy test or I seize and they are within 30".  Or if Serpents fire off that Shield, hitting two per blast isn't out of the question and ST10 AP 2 Ord isn't so bad. I just need to keep an eye on my side armor...

I love the level 3 Sorcerer, I will probably always run three rolls on Biomancy, hoping for the "Unholy Trinity" Iron Arm, Endurance and Enfeeble. There might be a few games where Telepathy will be better, perhaps against anything where Invisibility would be better than those other three, or when facing generally low leadership armies. I wish I could work Burning Brand in there but I guess I'll live.

The other strange thing is the lone Destroyer Lord. I've tried the Overlord getting out of the Night Scythe and enjoyed it, but I think losing the two Maulerfiends means I need another legit fast close combat threat. A Destroyer Lord can just outright murder vehicles, tied up anything without a Power-Axe or better forever or Slay Warlords like a villain. Probably just need to be smart with him.

With three units at AV13, three units that fly and some fast assault, I might have a deceptively good list going on here.
Then again, maybe not :) I've got the idea that Scarabs could be sweet too...

So help me out Dark Future readers. I am no expert. I am a father of three that doesn't get to play nearly as often as he wants to. What looks stupid? What looks awesome? Some of the logic sound?

160 Sorcerer
Level 3, Bike, Spell Familiar, ForceAxe,  Aura of Dark
175 Chaos Lord
Bike, Nurgle, Gift, Powerfist, Powerclaw, Sigil
170 Heldrake
180 Spawn x 5
Mark of Nurgle
108 Bikers x 3
Meltagun x 2, Mark of Nurgle
135 Maulerfiend
50 Cultists 
50 Cultists
120 Chaos Vindicator
120 Chaos Vindicator
65 Necron Warriors x 5
100 Night Scythe
65 Necron Warriors x 5
100 Night Scythe
160 Destroyer Lord
Mindshackles, Weave
90 Annihilation Barge


  1. Give the spawn abbadon and put the Libby on a bike and with them. Get rid of bikes and add another helldrake. I know you like the vindicators and mauler fiend but 2x2 oblits would probs be better if you ask me.

    1. Thanks for the advice Dimmy!
      Abbadon?! You crazy :) If he had a bike, I'm all over it. I just can't get him up the field with anyone.
      The additional Heldrake as merit. I might consider that but I want to have other up the field close combat threats.
      Oblits are probably my most likely thing to change that you're suggesting. There is some sound logic in why they are good and how I'd use them. They add some range, which might be welcome. They can deep strike, which I love. I'll have to let that do some stewing....

    2. Abba don gives them fearless and a good armour save as well as an invuln in the case of any ap weaponry coming in. With some careful positioning I've seen him played effectively in conjunction with spawn even with the speed differences. As an alternative a chaos lord on bike/steed plus the thing that gives you outflank isn't too bad an idea

    3. Oblits are not that great anymore, as they have shit leadership and are not fearless anymore, and with their weapon choice being hampered....I don't play mine much anymore

    4. The spawn are fearless and give the attached sorc fearless as well

  2. Hippo, it is at Evolution Games, Sunday, Jan. 5, I don't know what time it starts, but there is no escalation, stronghold or dataslates for this one.

    1. Check our most recent posts, there is an announcement. I would drop a link but it is near impossible from my phone at the moment.


  3. Was thinking along those lines too. I need to take a hard look at what I would want to support that, as I'd lose nearly all of my Cc threats, with only wraiths and scarabs to fall back on.
    Not sure if that's the direction I'll go but it is really good food for thought. Perhaps upping the Vindi to a Pred then adding a few Ghost Arks to really ratchet up the AV 13 dickery?

  4. Hippo's train of thought will start to lead you toward what I am currently running, though I do like your idea of having a sorceror, Fly as Telepathy is an ace in the hole most games.

  5. Any thoughts on getting a Prince in there? He costs a boatload of points but could offer a separate threat? Better/worse than a sorcerer?

  6. Also just occurred to me that I don't need a Chaos Lord anymore as I don't need to unlock Plague Marines. With that known, should I just buy two Sorcerers?

  7. Lords are good but I like bike sorcerors. The ability to push powers from telepathy up the board is always a boon. Puppet Master, Hallucination and Shriek are all on the list, especially when playing aggressively.