Sunday, December 29, 2013

Crazy Maulerfiend Conversion Part 2: More Dangerous than Man/ Bear/ Pig!

TJ here with an update on the Monkey/ Mammoth/ Robot Maulerfiend conversion! I have added some tubes, some green stuff and I am starting to feel it now, so let's take a walk around this bad boy:

So I am starting to add on the Green Stuff and I am really excited about how this is working out. At the same time, I can also see how I would make this an ork model, which, as a dude with an Ork army, gives me some serious ideas!

The hoses on top are from the Night Scythe. The hump on the back with the spines coming out of it is from the crypt fiend kit.

The green hoses here are from made using the Green Stuff Tentacle Maker from GSI.

The muscle that I have added isn't necessarily the final product as I will also be adding some fur into select locations to match the fur of the head, though I will leave plenty bare as I want it to look like the beast parts are a dead animal whose fur is falling out.

The daemon flesh travels down the spine.

I think there is one more conversion session left, then I can work on the base and get this model primed.

So with that all said, I am pretty happy with the model as it gives me the excuse to use a bunch of bits I always wanted to use but wasn't sure how.

Well, that's it for now. What do you think of this bad boy? Am I off the deep end or am I right on track. Let's hear your thoughts.


  1. Whoa, you're really on a roll with these daemon engines, aren't you?

    Another fantastic model, TJ! There's just one thing I'd like to point out because it's the only thing that really doesn't work for me: You should get rid of those angular Defiler armour plates on the Dreadknight legs and replace them with the armour plates from the Maulerfiend arms. Try to get hold of them, it'll make a world of difference!

    Apart from that, though, fantastic -- as expected ;)

  2. ....................dude, I can't wait to see this painted up!

  3. Damn that is starting to look really cool. Loving all these conversions. My fave part of the hobby

  4. Thanks for the feedback and the encouragement guys! I appreciate it, though I have to be brief - holidays and all! I will get back on the horse soon with more work on this model! Happy new year!

  5. Can't believe I've only just spotted this, that is hench, amazing work!