Monday, December 9, 2013

Chuck's Infinity Update

Hello everyone Chuck here with some photos of what I have had going on with my favorite small model count game Infinity!  Dropzone games has been a hotspot for Infinity over the last few months with a lot of people getting into the game during a escalation style Paradiso campaign I have helped run.  Lets take a look!

 The table you see featured in some of these photos was designed specifically for Infinity and is truly a blast to play on.  I am currently working with a few guys from Dropzone to have a second one built.  We do require models to be fully based and painted to play on the table since so much hard work went into building it.
A Japanese sectorial army faces off against Haqqislam with both forces fielding a TAG.  The multi legged beast above  is the Maghariba Guard for Haqqislam and the large white and red robot is O-Yori Kidobutai for the Japanese sectorial army.

A nasty link team of Haramaki close in on a lone Naffatun.
The Haqqislam forces move out while a Janissary covers them.  
 My Ariadna forces(background) wait patiently for the next game next to a squad of Pan Oceanians we use for demo games  (Foreground).

The O-Yori stalks around a building mid board ready to unleash pain with its heavy machine gun or up close and personal with its TAG sized Katana.
Crusader brothers from a Knightly Order Sectorial advance up the field sporting clear acrylic hex bases from Iron Heart Artisans.
The Haqqislam forces intelligently take cover while the O-Yori stalks around.

Our other demo squad in the foreground is of Nomad Origin.  You can also see a Ninja from the Japanese army waiting patiently on the right to be deployed from hiding make a kill. 
What sci-fi city board is complete without giant billboards selling you the best in biological enhancements.
A while back I posted pictures of my finished friendly neighborhood sky diving werewolf Sgt Duroc and he would not be complete without his girlfriend Margot so here she is.
Ariadna is known for being sneaky so a lot of camouflage  and really big guns  which these Tank Hunters have both much to the anguish of many opponents.
Chain Rifle? Check. Assault Pistol? Check.  Unlimited Grenades? Well why the hell not!
This sneaky SAS has all of that and is generally just a bad ass whose a lot of fun to use.
These two shady looking wet suit wearing Sci-Fi pirates are called Irmandhinos and are excellent for fixing things and also blowing things up.  Funny how those usually go hand in hand with engineers.
Two scouts from the Russian side of Ariadna.

I was in the middle of working on the Scottish side of Ariadna when I was commissioned to paint some Combined army stuff for a friend so some of these guys below including the Grey Rifle directly above need some finishing touches like static grass for bases and some clean up work.  I will post photos of the combined army stuff when I can but for now here are the Scots WIP.
Zombie Apocalypse in Infinity?  No sweat this firefighter is ready to rock with his axe and shotgun plus hes a doctor to boot.
These four Galweighans never go down without a fight and are always causing trouble for my enemy while screaming freedom at the top of their lungs.
This volunteer is a nice addition to my others and brings some firepower in the form of a grenade launcher.
Last but not least its not Scottish but it is awesome and is Ariadna's first TAG the Anaconda and is only a few little steps from being done and ready to hit the field.  Well that is all for now thanks for reading and let me know what you think.

See you next time!


  1. Your work on these models is some of your best chuck and that board is incredible. I am jealous of the drop zone crew!

  2. I love that table so much, I spend at least 10 minutes staring at it every time I go into DZ. I still haven't had a game of infinity yet, I need to sit down and get my models assembled and get some paint on them, as I'd like to get into it. Admittedly the rulebook has put me off a bit, lol.

  3. I'm just now getting into infinity, and I'm praying that we can get a larger crowd playing here. This is an awesome board and some great models! Shocked that Ariadna has a TAG tho!! I like it!