Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You

From all of us at Dark Future Games:
Thank you to those of you in the Armed Forces who have risked their lives for ours.
Thank you to those who have given them.

My (Fly) Grandfather fought on Iwo Jima and helped secure Mount Suribachi as a machine gunner in the US Marine Corps.  I find it so hard to imagine what he went through and had to do during that time in his life. Thanks Grandpa!

Who do you know in the Armed Forces? Who do you want to thank?


  1. Thank you to the men and women who keep myself and my family safe. You are the reason I can say this: I have no idea what war is like and I hope to never know. I am forever grateful. God bless you and your loved ones.

    Neil "Zab" Szabo

  2. As an active duty Marine, I take Veterans Day as a time to reflect on not only our forefathers from wars past, but also of the incredible people I have the privilege to serve beside. I think of Lcpl Rudy, who suffered a TBI from a grenade, yet is one of the most brilliant videographers in the Corps. I think of Jay Perillo, who caught a bullet in Iraq and returned to fight a week later. I think of Randy "yeah baby" Parker who got fragged and gave up his IFAK to another wounded Marine. I also think of the families and the kids and all that goes with being a Service member's spouse. These are my heroes. I think about them every day, but especially on this day. As a veteran, thank you for your support.

    1. I miss my wife and kids after being away at work for 12 hours. I couldn't imagine longer.

  3. I think of my grandfather in the OSS, and all of the stories I never got to hear because he wouldn't share them. I think about how lucky he was, when he was pulled off of a plane at the last minute that was shot down over Poland and everyone on board killed. How he saw Hitler at a train station when he was younger, and how if he had known what Hitler would become he would have shot Hitler then and there.

    Those were only a couple of the stories he shared, besides how he won enough money playing craps on the boat home to buy his gas station. That was a great generation.

    I think my only personal regret is not serving my country. I think I would have made a great paratrooper. So thank you to all that do serve, and know I greatly appreciate your service.