Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Buried ALIVE!


I am not dead or gone. Just moved.
This marks the fourth move in a little over 2 years and, man, I'll be damned if every single time I didn't say: "This is the last time I'm moving. Ever."
Well, this is the last time I'm moving. Ever. I plan on dying in this house (hopefully in 60 or so years, quietly and poetically in bed... or defending my home and family from aliens/zombies.).
So, stuff on the slate for me:
An article about turning defeat into at least fun defeats and perhaps even victory!
An article discussing my plans, work in progress and finally my completed board for my new house!
An article about making two Maulerfiends from one kit with some handy-dandy bitz and green stuff!
Paramedic class is in full swing, EMT is still chugging along and the move is finally nearing completion... busy busy. But I hope with some regularity finally showing through, I might be able to make it to a computer to get my articles up and out there for your reading pleasure.

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