Monday, October 28, 2013

The Spawn Grinder (Todd McFarlane Soul Grinder) Work In Progress

TJ here to share some good news and bad news on this model - The good, I am more than halfway done painting it. The bad, my dates got swapped around and I will be out to sea for the next few weeks and thus, unable to paint the model until I return (in fact, as of the time this posted, I have been gone a week). Rather than leave it a mystery. I want to share it with you as is and talk about how I approach the scheme.

First I prime the model red, then paint all flesh areas with a "Blood mix" I have had for years. It is half Mephiston Red, 25% Nuln Oil, 10% Abbadon Black and 15% Flesh Wash. Once that dries, I get out a HUGE tank brush to dry brush Pink Horror liberally on the model. Then I drybrush Tallarn Flesh (until I run out, if you know a good substitute let me know), then Dwarf Flesh, then Elf Flesh, then a light drybrush of bone on all the upper surfaces.

The bone is based in Graveyard Earth, then washed in Agrax, then finished with bone.

The yellows I use are super easy. Base in Tausept Ochre (need a sub there too), shaded with Agrax, touched up with Tausept again, then highlighted with Iyanden Darksun. When I do chip weathering, I highlight with Flashgitz.

The Brass parts (eventually) have only been based, which is in scortched brown.

The green "venom sacs or whatever" are based in Dark Angels, then highlighted in Snot, Scorpion and finally with a glaze of Flash Gitz.

I usually don't post mid paint job WIPs as they are always odd looking and freak people out, but I am confident in this scheme and I think it will be impressive when finished.


  1. That is terrifying! Really been enjoying watching it come together - great work, man!