Thursday, October 10, 2013

Product Review: Plague Marine Alternative Legs from Kromlech's Morbid Legionaire bits!

TJ here to talk about some great alternative Plague Marine (or Possessed) legs that I picked up from These legs come in a 6 pack (two pairs of three) and cost about $10 US. They are very detailed and in fact, I would say that these are the legs Forge World should have produced when they made their plague Marine conversion kit. There are open sores, rent armor, worms and many more small details that make for an excellent set of legs for anybody looking to make legs for Plague Marines or Possessed. I would even stretch to say you could make some zombie themed Legion of the Damned with them too (oh, now there is a hilarious idea!). Anyway, I have prepared some pics below to help you get a full visual of each set of legs in the kit.

Alright here is the front and back of the first set of legs. At first glance you notice the shredded armor and the chainmail, but look closer, check out those broken cables, check out the slimy looking worms/ tentacles that are coming out here and there. This level of detail is going to look excellent painted up.

Here is the next shot of the legs. As you can see, there are more broken cables and inside the tears in the armor, you can see boils, which is a pretty awesome level of detail in my opinion.

The next set of legs is really cool. It has an entire leg of the armor ripped off, revealing a daenomic leg that matches the daemons we have come to see in the 40k daemons line (or really any line of demonic minis). The opposite leg features broken open armor with sores inside, which is again, a brilliant level of detail.

From the side, you can see that there are more broken cables and worms as well. I have ordered several different lines of power armored alternatives from other companies and have to say that the Morbid Legionnaire set is so far, the most impressive.

Finally, we have the third set of legs, which features some interesting details on the knees as well as bare, hooved feet coming out from under the greeves. If you look really close, there is a tumor like growth (or maybe a compound eye) coming out of the upper thigh and on the backside, you can see some vertical splits in the armor. This, in my opinion, is my favorite set of legs.

Overall, Kromlech's Morbid Legionaries legs are very impressive in terms of detail and for the price, you are getting something that may cost you twice as much if it was available at all from Forge World (which it isn't).

I am very excited to convert some Plague Marines with these bits. I have already been impressed with Kromlech's Morbid shoulder pads as well and you can find the review of those here and a unit of converted Dark Vengeance models I used them on here.

For more of Kromlech's bits and models, check out his store at He has bits for Chaos, Orks, Pre-heresy, Bionics, weapons and much more, so there is something there for everybody.

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  1. I used these legs with the Forgeworld Death Guard bodies and Maxmini's Biohazard backpacks ( Even though they're from three different producers these elements work look great and were a joy to paint.