Saturday, October 19, 2013

MiGT Battle Report; Ken Brunner Part 4

Coming in with part 4 of Ken Brunners battle report from the Michigan GT.

Here we go, Round 4! It's another doozy of a list. Predictions? I'm thinking this is gonna be tough. I've got a better chance at The Relic than he does.. I think. BUT, his guns all out-range me by a LOT. And to make matters worse, it's on Hammer and Anvil deployment. I'm not sure my army will hold up before I can even get in range to shoot him! And that evil Dark Reaper squad of his manning the Icarus can easily gun down a Night Scythe a turn. The same Night Scythes which represent my only real chance to win the game. :( We'll see..

Tom Odgen - Eldar/Dark Eldar 
Farseer, ML3 - Prescience, Guide, Precognition (Warlord)
Farseer, ML3 - Prescience, Guide, Doom
5 Dire Avengers, Wave Serpent w/ TL Bright Lance, Holo-Fields
2x 5 Dire Avengers, Wave Serpent w/ TL Scatter Lasers
3 Dark Reapers, Starswarm+Starshot, Exarch Upgrade w/ Fast Shot
2x 3 Warwalkers, 6x Scatter Lasers
Aegis Defence Lines, Icarus Lascannon

Baron Sathonyx
3 Kabalite Trueborn, 2 Splinter Cannon, Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons, Flickerfield
5 Kabalite Warriors, Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons, Flickerfield
Ravager, 3 Dark Lances

Deployment - Hammer and Anvil
Primary Objective Alpha (W/D/L - 10/5/0 BP) - The Relic
Primary Objective Beta (W/D/L - 10/5/0 BP) - 4 Objectives, 1 in each table quarter.
Secondary Objectives (2 BP each) - Slay The Warlord, Hold The Line (anti-Linebreaker), Last Man Standing (most units remaining).

Alright, here's the deal. These reports are really starting to drag on, so unfortunately, I've got to cut back on the details a little bit so I can hurry up and finish them. Big props to all the people out there writing these things regularly. Not sure how you do it and still have time to paint/play.

Going into this game, I knew I would have to play a tight game and stick to the mission. Really, that's the only way to play against some of the newer codices. Trying to run straight at an Eldar army that outranges and outguns me, on Hammer and Anvil deployment no less, would likely result in a tabling. Instead, the plan was to hide.. hahaha. Fortunately, I won the roll to go second.

I hid my Wraithstar behind a wall and Typhus/Zombies behind a hill as far up as I could. I wanted to wait for my reserves to come in so I could pressure him with everything at once. That way he'd have to pick and choose what to kill, as he couldn't take out everything in a single turn. I did take a risk on the first turn and turbo'd my Barges up. This gave them a 4++ and would put them in range to start firing at his Waveserpents on turn 2. Luckily, only one Barge died as his only real threat to av13 was that wicked Exarch/Lascannon combo and a single TL Lance.

My reserves came on peice-meal, so I waited until turn 4 to make my move with a couple fliers coming in on obtuse angles to hide out in back until go-time. Meanwhile, Barges and Serpents were duking it out trading 1 for 1. Turn 4 finally came around and I pounced. Wraiths jumped forward and ran. Typhus came out from behind the hill gunning for The Relic. Scythes/Crypteks/Barges all converged on his Wave Serpents/Venoms. Heldrake also Vector-Striked a Serpent as he prepared his Baleflamer for an attempt to double out his Farseer for Slay the Warlord. 

Over the next two turns, I ended up killing all of his transports, neutralizing his troops. My Overlord, who had previously suicide jumped out of his ride, assaulted and wiped out some Kabalite Warriors holding an objective, but was killed the next turn. Heldrake was unsuccesfull in his bid to grab Slay the Warlord. In return, all of my Scythes got shot down. I'm telling you, that Exarch/Lascannon combo is brutal.. But I had to be aggressive and I just wasn't able to put any wounds on that dang gun. Typhus and his Zombies got gunned down before they were able to pounce on The Relic. I also lost 4 of my Wraiths and took 2 wounds on my Destroyer Lord. Warwalkers Battle-Focusing behind LOSB Ruins are also brutal.

Thankfully, I still had enough tricks up my sleeve to go for it. On my last turn a squad of Warriors walked on from ongoing reserves and claimed my home objective. My Destroyer Lord split off, and survived overwatch to contest an objective. My Heldrake dropped into hover-mode, spun around, and burned some Dire Avengers wiping the last one out with Soul Blaze. Lastly, the remaining Wraiths assaulted a second squad of Avengers, wiping them out. 

The game ended there. I ended up winning Objectives for 10 points. We tied on The Relic for 5 points each. Tom also got 2 points each for Slay the Warlord and Last Man Standing. Now THAT was a nailbiter.

Victory, 15-9!

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