Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MiGT: Photos from Michigan's First GT!

 Here is a long long dump of over 100 pictures from the armies at the MiGT.  I'll try to credit them where I remember them, but if I've missed you its because my brain may have been at max capacity over the weekend.  Here we go!

Warning: Very large pic dump after jump!

Craig Coffey's Dark Eldar.  Very nice airbrush work here.

Paul Steiner's Eldar.  Always beautiful.  I love the blue.

Jeff McConnel's Tau.  Very nice contrast with the rusty brown and turquoise.  Nice sponge weathering too.  

Eric Gibb's ghost themed grey knights.

James Potter.  (not Harry's dad) He traveled from Seattle to visit some friends.  The GT was factored into the time frame for the visit.  Thanks for making it all the way out here for us!

Tim Alford's Dark Angels.  

Charles Peter's tau.

 Tom Ogden's Eldar.

Neil Granning's "What I have painted that I like" Space Wolves army

Grey Spark's Chaos.  Very nice technique on these. Good work with the classic paint brush highlighting.  

Kharn model on a bike.  Very Awesome.

George Gasser's Eldar

Damian Strong's Tau.

Can't for the life of me remember who's these are.  All I remember is that they are Nurge Bikers and awesome conversions.  Old school Tomb Spyders, old school oblits and some maxmini bits.  Great conversion.

Jon Blower's Necron/Nurgle!!

Mike Hernandez's Guard.

Jeff Wrbelis' Eldar.

Yancy Small's Tau

Tim Gorham's Necrons.  Best Overall winner here!

Ken Brunner's Necron

Adam Koziel's Tau.

 Quick look also at the charity army.  This was painted up by Mike Loniewski.  Benifits went to the Allen Street Community Center in Lansing Mi.  Very good group.  

Nick Mill's Terracotta Army themed Dark Angels.  

Close up shots of Alex Bessinger's Demon conversions.    


  1. Thanks for sharing. Those are some brilliant models. I am particularly drawn to the Kroot Crisis Suit for some reason - just cool.

  2. Thanks for posting these, my camera phone photos were not good. Any shots of the Ork army that won player's choice?

  3. I think after Adam's Tau the Turquoise Tau are pretty sweet. Great weathering

  4. Great armies overall. I really like Yancy's Green Tau and I like the use of the Necron and Fantasy models in Alex's army. Overall the Tau in general had a good showing paintwise. The Dark Eldar are also very cool. Tim Alford's Vindicator's seige shield is really awesome as well. I need to get some freehand skills!

  5. Shane Baker's Eldar would actually be Jeff Wrbelis's Eldar >;)