Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hell O'Ween: Masters of Terror, The Night Lords

The new Space Marines Codex has given my favorite power armor army new life.  Night Lords time!  Plus as an added bonus FW is going to have a direct line to my back account because of the upcoming Pre-Heresy release of Night Lords stuff.   So here is the first of the new Night Lords vehicles, my storm talon.

Nothing big on conversion but I'm mostly done with the paint.  I just want to add the iconography and something on the flying base.

I did the lightning with my new Sotar.  Its a pretty legit airbrush for doing very fine lines.  I used vallejo sky blue as a thin jagged line, washed it with a 40:5 blue:black ink mix from FW inks. That gave it a more electric blue color.  After that I went back with a 00 brush and put a thin line of white in it.

Here's my next project.  Shrike.  He's converted from a jump pack chaplain with raptor parts; claws and jump pack.  Then crammed with Dark Eldar fetishes.  I think Raven Guard Chapter Tactics is the closest to Night Lords there is so far in the book, plus they're, in my opinion the best tactics (arguably second to ultramarines but I won't get into that).

Well I hope that through the month of October I can bring some terror and keep up with TJ's abilities to truely celebrate Hell O'Ween