Friday, October 4, 2013

GT Report - 2

Two games are behind me and I'm sitting right in the middle of the pack with 26 battle points. After a crushing loss in game one and a solid win in game two, I figure there's still hope in finishing high if I manage to continue my, er, one game winning streak. :) Think positive.

Game 3!
Opponent: Steve playing Chaos NURGLE Daemons!
Steve was playing Fateweaver-less Daemons! HERESY!!! Who would do such a thing? Well, apparently Steve would. I can't find his list, but from memory:

Great Unclean One
Daemon Prince
Soul Grinder
Plague Drones
Pink Horrors x a few
Plague Bearers x a few

One thing I noted was that Steve loaded up on scoring units. Extremely wise. I purposely run lean due to the Portalglyph. Steve had one too AND tons of scoring. It would prove important.
With the game still being important as far as battle points go, I was anticipating things to be pretty strict as far as rules go. During my pregame rolling and my subsequent first turn, I had forgotten to toss out my Porta-potty in the movement phase. Up until this point, I had actually been throwing it out in the shooting phase. For some reason, it stuck in my head that it was like a grenade. It isn't. On my turn, casting, moving and then Warpstorming, I attempted to toss out the Portalglyph. Alas, I was caught, because you can't throw it out then. :-\ I proceeded through my turn, finished up and promptly had my Daemon Prince carrying the Glyph die after failing his first grounding check with Fateweaver's reroll, then get overwhelmed by poison attacks from Plague Drones.
We did find out though that Khorne was extremely angry, as we rolled Khorne's Wrath probably 6 times over the game. Not much else seemed to go my way: my terminators heroically deep-struck next to his soul grinder, but did little else but remove a hull point. Goreguts lived but did little else. Fateweaver was ineffectual. Steve was also a boss with deny the witch, as not a single hallucination went off, either through perils or dtw.
Steve was a very competent and by the book player. He went on to finish in the top 10 and I went on to my second 0-26 loss. Too many scoring units and I had no way to stop them. Good game Steve!
MVP: My backfield Plague Bearers, who held off a Daemon Prince for 4 player turns or so.
Opponents MVP: His Great Unclean One single handedly squashed any chance of a draw by knocking out my backfield objective holders.

Running total: 1-2

Round 4!
Opponent: Jon Blowers playing Chaos Marines
The last round had sort of left me feeling deflated. I lost a game in part to a critical playing error and I was most likely out of the running of winning any General-related prizes. What I would need here is an ultra-fun blood bath.
That's where Jon comes in.
Jon was my vote for favorite opponent at the end of the event, and considering the quality people that I played, that is a huge compliment. Jon has a BEAUTIFUL fully converted Chaos Space Marines army. The internet has pictures of it, I'm sure, and I'll look around for them. Perhaps I can link them and make a post just about that army. His list was:

Lord on a Bike, Nurgle with Burning Brand
5 Terminators
3 Terminators
Plague Marines
Plague Marines
Bikers x 5
Oblits x 2
Oblits x 2

He has a good amount of redundancy (why not two?) and all of the bases seemed to be covered. This would be a tough match up for me, but, we'll see.
Pregame I rolled double Enfeeble with my Great Unclean One and my Daemon Prince. This would be key. The game was the Relic as the primary, pretty much guaranteeing a blood bath. And there would be blood.
Jon went first and turbo-boosted his Bikers right over the relic, then dropped off his Plague Marines. This would be his big play. Get the relic, survive, then retreat. On my turn, I managed to Enfeeble, Prescience, Flame-breath and assault the crap out of those units and push them back. The Biker Lord fell to my Great Unclean One (I think), the Bikers broke, the Plague Marines died. Many souls were lost.
Jon was not down and out though, he took the fight back to me, while avoiding the Great Unclean One, who was twiddling his thumbs on the relic. The Beta objective was 4 objectives around the board. John had scoring units on his and began killing my scoring units! His Heldrakes fried my Plague Bearers easily. If it wasn't for my Portalglyph, I'd have lost by a mile. Instead, it kept pooping out scoring units near my objectives. As the game winded down, Goreguts left the relic to attempt to knock out Jon's last scoring unit. As the game ended, I believe I squeaked out a  victory, something like 17-11. I also learned that you should NEVER enter assault with Fateweaver, as he is a gigantic feathered wiener. Even if you have Warpspeed or Iron Arm or Endurance. You just will be locked in combat forever. Or worse, you'll just die.
MVP: Goreguts the Fattest. This dude kept the Relic out of play and eventually finished off some Plague Marines, securing me the Beta Primary.
Opponent's MVP: Heldrakes. Again, scoring units just aren't safe with these fuckers flying around.

I needed that. That game was a spiritual bump. Jon was a great dude, not a rules shark and enjoyed a good meat-grinder style game as much as I did. I felt we were about equal players and in the end, we ended up exactly tied in overall points. It was nice to end day one on a high note. It was a late day and I scooped up my models and hit the road in the ol' grocery getter. I planned on getting a good amount of sleep before tomorrow so I could continue on my two game winning streak... :)

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