Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You Have Time For Three Things

Fly Molo back and not, er, gone.

I am a middle aged man. I have time for three things in life:

One family.
One job.
One hobby.

That. Is. It. Period.

There is a lot of ways to look at life. Lots of lenses to view this world through. Our experiences, though similar in ways, will be different as we navigate the twists and turns of fate and existence. The segment of life I'm trying to expand on today is that of time in our society. Seems to be a pretty major part of life to "focus on" in a blog post, but it is what I am feeling at the moment and I think it relates to this hobby we call Warhammer.
Time in our society is of the upmost importance. We set alarms, we have schedules, we have calanders, clocks on our phones, work weeks, weekends, paydays, due dates, deadlines, classes, recitals, rehearsals,... tick tock tick tock tick tock. Time dominates western civilization. (Un)Fortunately, we are part of this western civiliaztion, and as enlightened as we are, we are still slaves to the snooze button. There is only one you and you have many places to be today.
Ho hum.
I am a firm believer that you should be whereever you are at. Not staring at your phone or mind-wandering about something else you could be doing. You should just BE where you ARE at the time. Then, whereever you are, you'll actually be DOING something. And if you're doing something to the best of your ability, GOOD will happen.
I started by saying that I have time for three things in life. It is somewhat of a lie because I do have time for more than those three things, I really do. But if I start to do more than those three things, I start to draw time, effort and concentration from them. That is not good because then I start to do those things badly. You don't want to do work badly. You don't want to do family badly. Heck, you don't want to do your hobby badly either.
But this isn't a blog about family or work. Its about a hobby.
I haven't gotten a chance to update lately because my other two things I have time for have really put a strain on my hobby time. Work involves my boss and another one of my supervisors taking their yearly vacations, and believe it or not, we don't shut down when they leave.

*You dial 911*
*the line picks up* "Hello, 911, what's your emergency?"
You: "Oh my God there was just a terrible acci-"
Dispatch: "HAhaha, got you good, leave a message at the beep!" *BEEEEEEEP!*
So extra time at work means my wife and kids actually want to see me when I get home. And I want to see them too. In between that, I'm trying to find a minute or two here and there to get a few colors on the Raffle Army (which is coming along nicely!).
Oh, and Vinton just had another baby, so cheers to him!

Either way, the weeks from heck are nearly over. I look forward to posting more and no, I haven't forgotten about you.


  1. Been there - good on you for staying focused. Just got through my busy time at work. Then my basement flooded -_- I guess the repair and reno kind of counts as hobby. I am building and painting right, RIGHT?

    1. Right! We purchased a "fixer-upper" last summer, so I went through a hobby dark period for a little while... but at least I got a lot of painting done. Of my house.

  2. Preach it, brother! I'm kind of trying to get there but unfortunately if I bump it down to just one "hobby" i'll have to sacrifice 40K to work on my writing (in the hopes of making it a career, thus freeing the hobby slot again for 40K) -- but you've got it right! Splitting yourself too much makes for a lot of stress and not enough progress on what matters (thus my very slow progress i guess.) hmmm, this is kinda like therapy... Thanks!

    1. Yeah, it feels that way sometimes, but I guess 40k is the hobby I used to interact with my friends. And friends are friends. So talking to friends about life is a form of therapy, sure :) My kind of therapy because its free!

  3. Great Blog can totally relate, it seems to me like my Hobby (40K) is the thing that always loses out when I allocate my time, which is as it should be, because Job/Family certainly trumps Blood Angels and Necrons.

  4. Can totally relate. My problem is a have three hobbies... Warhammer, swing dance and church. All of which I'm very active at, and ppl at the other two assume this would be the one I'd drop. They get offended when I tell them otherwise!