Sunday, April 28, 2013

Perfect Death Guard Terminator Leg Alternatives from Kromlech

In the past, we have seen some great stuff from Kromlech including a set of legs that would be great for Plague Marines. Today, I am helping get the word out and adding to my Building a Better Chaos Marine series with these legs.
These legs here can be found on Kromlech's ebay store at a rate of $11.99 for 6 legs. I admit that I originally thought there were three legs and I almost decided to pass on this post, but when I saw that 6 resin terminator legs like these could be bought for essentially $16 (after shipping), I wanted to get the word out and pick some up for myself as well.

For more on Building a Better Plague Marine, follow this link. Otherwise, I would love to hear from folks who have experience with Kromlech parts. I personally have a small collection of Kromlech bits and have converted quite a few minis using them.

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