Monday, April 1, 2013

It Came From the Forums : Amazing Elysians

Hello everyone Chuck here bringing you some pictures of work from Russian Roulette the recent Unification Wars GT best Painted winner at DropZone Games in Glen Burnie MD.   The army at the GT was a mix of Elysians and Iron Hands all painted to an incredible standard so I dug up these photos from his post over on WarSeer for all of us to enjoy!

As you can see words can not describe how awesome this army is and if you would like to see more of it please visit his post on WarSeer and say hi!

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  1. I wish there were more pics of his Iron Hands in there. I have never seen black painted so rich. All of the augmetics and the lenses were spot on and ... in case you can't notice on the Elysians here, the horizon is painted in the faceshield of each trooper. It is the best painted army I have ever seen used on a tabletop with the exception of James Wappell's Grey Knights.