Monday, April 8, 2013

Iron Man Themed Tau: The Last of Them ... Or Only the Beginning?!

TJ here with the last of the original Iron Man themed Tau commission I began painting January 6th. With nearly 150 models under my belt on this commission, I am happy to say that the owner got to have them in completion on the day the codex debuted. I know he may pass some work to me in the future, but for the moment, I am excited to see the project's completion. Let's take a quick look at the models and discuss the next route the hobby will take me down project wise ...

The Iron Man Tau are the second super bright xenos army I have done back to back and with that said, I have learned quite a bit about painting 3-4 shade yellows and 3-7 step reds. I am certainly a beter painter due to the experience and I still look forward to putting the finishing touches on the Necrons ... However, as I read my latest Black Library novel, a ghost from my hobby past has turned up to tempt me.

Even now, I have already invested quite a few hours of my past weekend devoted to the new project, but I want to make some significant progress before I talk about it in earnest, which will actually force me to commit fully to it.

I will not linger much longer on the topic of my next project though, save to say it is an army you have seen here before, for all drama was founded on the ghosts of the past, the dreams of the dead and foolish notions of immortality.

Have a great day and as always, comments are welcome!


  1. Definitely a cool looking tau army

  2. yeah, take a look through some of our older stuff Nathan, particularly October 2012, but pretty much any month in this blog's history will feature some conversion I have done. Keywords to watch would be Hellworm and Heldrake. Also, if you go back really far, you will find some of Chris's Giant werewolves he used as thunderwolf cavalry, the Grotesques I made for Chuck, Chuck's Baron, Sammy's las/plas wolfback of traitor slaying goodness and much much more. We are conversion artists here!

  3. My Dark Eldar think they look tasty; McTau ;)

    Just kidding, they look really good :)