Friday, February 8, 2013

More Silly Putty Masking!

So I have talked about Silly Putty masking in a previous post when I painted a camo pattern on my Dust Warfare Mickey ... but I have been at it again and really can't say enough about this method for easy masking. The Night Scythe above is one that I really need for a tourney tomorrow and I like to play with painted models, so you know I had at least on project on my desk when I woke up this morning. I painted the badboy Balor Brown using my Iwata Airbrush, then hit the model from above with Yriel Yellow. Then I covered it in this very fleshy looking Silly putty.

At this point I am about 12 minutes into the paintjob, maybe 20 after grabbing a drink and putting Putty on the model. I also puttied the Necron parts on the base to protect them as I paint the base brown.

Once I had the putty down, I sprayed Celestia Grey all over the white parts. In about a minute and a half, I had all the parts white that I needed to be white. Now all I need to do is paint the details and the blue (which is a little involved).

If I had to paint more of these, I could have easily set up an assembly line and done the yellows, the whites and even the blue parts in about an hour for 6 fliers. If you are going to paint assembly line style for large models with more than one color in the scheme, I would recommend Silly Putty. The best part about it is that you can customize the amount, size and shape of the Silly Putty and create an airtight seal against the model that is better than expensive tape and easier that odd masking paints or scrubbing models with tooth brushes. The putty is cheap too.

Keep your eyes open for more as I really want to experiment some more with using the putty to create really small and intricate paint schemes and stencils!


  1. Awesome tip. Never even considered it before.

  2. How do you get the paint off the putty afterwards?

  3. Yeah, OST, Silly Putty is an ancient and powerful artefact. Nicely done, sir!

    Dai, the paint just sort of becomes part of the SP. You never get it out. But, there would need to be a lot of it to make a difference in how the silly putty works. Plus, Silly Putty is cheap.

  4. Thanks for fielding the question GSI, yes Dai, the paint just kind of sits on the putt and I just peel the putty off the model and tub the paint off real quick. It's actually really easy and the best part is $1 gets you an entire egg of putty, which is huge for 28mm purposes. I can mask a single scythe off with about 1/3 an egg of putty.