Thursday, February 21, 2013

Building a Better Heldrake Part 4: More Painting Progress

Old School here with another update on the Building a Better Heldrake Project. Today we look at last night's progress. Basically, the readers digest version is that I painted the first layer of paint for the bones and the trim around the armor. For those of you who want to read more, let's take a look.

For the flesh parts of the model, I added one layer of dry-brushed Tallarn Flesh (liquid gold if you can still find it!) It went on light enough that it didn't turn anything flesh-colored but really just tinted the reds and pinks up a shade, which was perfect.

Stepping back from the model and having added some contrast to the overall flesh effect through the armor and the bone, I think I may be done with the wings for the most part. I may add some very select highlights to the flesh when it is all said and done, but that is it. Visually, I am at a very exciting point in the life of this model and literally am pacing around the room thinking about the next time I get to add paint to it.

The bottom of the wings still need bone. The trim that was black in the last update is now painted in it's first couple of layers of Leadbelcher, which will be washed sown and then re-highlighted.

Here is a close up of his Ken doll region. This shot really just shows off the second layer on the cables, which is Brass Scorpion, I will now break the Leviathan Purple, with some Sepia out and start to shade these down.

Here is one last look at the wing. The initial color for all the bones on this model is graveyard earth.

With that said, hopefully, I will get more paint on this model tonight and also get to start the base work. This model is really speaking to me and I think this is a great start toward the Gothic Word Bearers I plan to work on next! As always, I would love to hear your thought and feedback.


  1. wow. that is unbelievably cool. very nice job dude.

  2. That is looking fantastic, especially the wings. Keep up with it!

  3. Looking good, didn't know you could use balefire to clean your glass stove top - It's spotless O_0

  4. great work ;)

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