Sunday, February 17, 2013

And Now For a Little Eldar: Aspects of Khaine 2.0

SeerK here with something from my main area of expertise.  That of course being Eldar.  A year or two ago I did a series over at Craftworld Lansing called "The Aspects Of Khaine".  I thought I would do a reboot and cover Aspect Warriors again since 6th edition has changed some things.  So  I am going to delve into Aspect warriors in 6th edition. Kind of an “Aspects Of Khaine” 2nd edition. I want to kind of start with some of the basics to Aspect Warriors as they relate to the rules changes. Things work slightly differently now. In fact there has been some things pointed out to me that really got me contemplating the Craftworlders again. Granted we may be getting a codex this fall, but I am not holding my breath.  That said we need to really try and get every advantage we can as players of the galaxies eldest race.

Ok so as we know Exarch powers only effect their unit and any Autarch that is joined to the unit. This is true except for powers that specifically say they do not effect the Autarch. The Phoenix Lords are the same way. The one exception is that they are fearless. Now it does say in the Eldar codex that Phoenix Lords make their associated Aspect fearless when they join the unit. In the past this meant that if, say Karandras joined any squad other than a Striking Scorpions one they would not be fearless.

Now the Fearless states that “units containing one or more models with the Fearless special rule automatically pass pinning, fear and regroup and morale tests”. So any model that is fearless that joins a unit essentially makes the unit fearless. This means you cant go to ground or voluntarily fail morale checks. There are some situations this is bad in, but I will get to that later. So now your Fearless Phoenix Lords can bestow their macho awesomeness to even the lowly guardian.

Granted the first thing that came to mind to counter this little ploy was to tie up the unit with a critter it could not hurt. Since the unit can't voluntarily fail a morale check, you can't use the “our weapons are useless” rule. This can work well to tie up Fearless units like Plague Marines and such. Throw them into combat with a Wraithlord and you have the unit tied up with a model they cant even hurt. This works well for Noise marines and the like. As long as there is no power fist or anything or you can manage to kill it quick, you can tie up units pretty well. They will just have to sit there and take it.

The Aspects I am going to cover first are the ones that have had the most changes. Either in the FAQ as to how wargear works or how the new rules re purpose them. I am going to start with an Aspect near and dear to my heart. An underused and under appreciated Aspect, who is getting some major improvements thanks to the FAQ and 6th edition in general.

I speak of course about the Swooping Hawk and their founder Baharoth. Changes to Jump Infantry, Exarch powers and the ability to glace vehicles to death has made the Swooping Hawk Aspect a very nice mobile tank hunting and light Infantry suppression unit. More on them next time.

I will  have some more Flames of War soon.  I have added a Platoon of Panthers to the Army and got a lesson in air support in a game Vs Inquisitor Vogrins crafty Canadians.  Over at Craftworld Lansing I will be doing more Eldar posts ahead of DFG and doing some updates about a Fire Storm Armada campaign that DFG's own Samsquatch Monster will be heading up.  I have the Rense System Navy ready to roll in support of the Dindrazi Federation.  It should be fun.

Well Next time Swooping Hawks and possibly an Iron Warriors Update.  I have the army assembled and ready for paint.  Now if I can just settle on a final list.

Until then.....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!


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