Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A War Without End: DE Vs Traitor Guard Pic of the Day!

Old School here with the pic of the day from Jeff on the DFG Facebook group (you should join the group!) His Traitor Russ formation brings its unholy munitions to bear against the xenos raiders! Personally, I think the Wyches have this! Hope they brought G'Nades!

So, A War Without End is our attempt to bring back our old Eternity of War posts where we posted pics from painted battles that readers submitted. Now, If you would like to have us feature your pics here, post them in our facebook group and even write up a little something about what just happened. Painted armies please! As always, let us know what you think and of course, let these guys know what you think of their beautiful models.


  1. Nice shot. Good looking armies and terrain! Let me guess; the raider collided with a small bird, like a sparrow and everybody had to bail out? o.0

  2. I think it may have run headlong into a cough.

    1. Yes, mine constantly get glanced to death by gentle breezes ;)

  3. Alas, Pask in his Punisher sent them straight to eldar hell....