Thursday, January 31, 2013

The New Dark Angels Codex: Sharing the Raven Wing Experience!

Ravenwing standard bearer 

Old School here with a post concerning Raven Wing bike armies. Now, usually I would just talk about what I thought worked and what doesn't and list ideas when it comes to exploring a new book, but then I found a couple of articles that not only detailed a list using the new Raven Wing, but 5 games worth of competitive battle reports summing its performance against a lot of different lists and how it was used to full effect on the table. With that said, rather than run my mouth, I want to share some field experience from the links below:

First off, if you have never been to Frontline Gaming's site, you should check it out beyond the article links. They talk about a little of everything, offer some interesting thought, run a decent and short podcast (nice for short drives) and even have some good deals on models and commissions.

Here is a link to the initial post by Jeremy, who took his Raven Wing to the top table at TSHFT, a West Coast GT. He gives us the list and the thoughts behind it here.

In Part 2, he goes through all five games, including his tactics and what his opponents ran and how they played. Check it out here.

So there it is really. I think this is a really good break down of how Raven Wing can be effectively used as a cool and themed army in a competitive setting and the best part is, rather than listening to me armchair it, you get the real talk straight from the general's mouth.

Anyway, enjoy the links and take a look around Frontline Gaming while you are there. Once I get some serious gaming in with the Death Wing, you will also have my thoughts and lists for that iconic DA army to add to all the recent DA coverage so far. Right now, I am exploring shooty termies, knights and the FNP banner.