Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wolfson's Dark Eldar Ravagers of the Obsidian Rose

 Hello everyone Wolfson here to bring you some more pics from the armory of the Cabal of the Obsidian Rose.  I recently completed two ravagers for my Kabal and am very excited that I almost have  this army completely done.  Lets look!

 The techniques used are exactly the same as the raiders and feature the same removable sails and crew in addition to being able to swap the disintegrators for dark lances on demand.
 The ravagers were challenging in comparison to the raiders due to the side sponsons.  I had to paint the crew member while being extremely careful not to get anything on the airbrushed shield as achieving an air brush look by hand is extremely frustrating if I needed to fix it.  If I ever do more ravagers I'm going to spray the chair and shield separate from the crew.
 I did try to imitate the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose iconography on some of my sails but quickly decided against doing it for every sail as I don't feel a bunch of crazy pirates would be too uniform about their rides.
 I really enjoyed painting all of my Dark Eldar and they are a project that has kept my hobby ADD in check more than any other.  I will be doing overall army shots as everything is coming together nicely and will post them soon.
Do not worry I have not forgotten about the creatures down in the haemonculus lab and they will be painted soon as well!  Until then feel free to let me know what you think of my vehicles.



  1. I need a reader to tell me if they can see all the pics. I am on a computer that sometimes can't see them when others can, so I just wat to make sure they are there. There should be six. Thanks for the help.

    1. Yup, the pics are all there. Looking sweeet too!

    2. Thanks Vladd309. With that said, these Ravagers are awesome and look even better in person. The crew, the red shading and the sails all come together to be very striking on the table. During our games, it was common for people to come from a cross the room to check out his skimmers!

  2. Man those look great! The white background helps, the pics of your Raiders the other day did them no justice.

    Kudos on finding a way to fight hobby ADD, my Death Guard have done that for me lately.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments and to be honest the pictures were taken quickly around thanksgiving time without my light box, however no pictures I have ever taken of these really shows off the highlights and shadows like seeing them in person.

    Hobby ADD is starting to take hold with all the amazing stuff OST has been making and I got a chance to really look at and work with some of the new chaos plastic for 40k. So now my bitz box full of fantasy chaos and Vampire Count bitz are calling my name along with a cool list we came up with for counts as. It never ends :)