Monday, November 26, 2012

Wolfson's Dark Eldar Raiders of the Obsidian Rose!

Hello everyone Wolfson here bringing you some pictures of what I have completed lately.  I  am very happy with how they turned out so lets take a look!

The raiders were started by laying down the reds with an air brush(OST was a lot of help in this process).  I feel Dark Eldar vehicles may take to an air brush better than any other army as we were blown away by the subtle fades as they were applied to the angles on the tanks.
The rest of the vehicle and base were done by hand.  I started with all the brass using dwarven brass washed with a 1:1 mix of leviathan purple and gryphone sepia wash.  The weapons and anything that appears black is actually Chardon Granite washed with badab black.
The crews weapons and sail are all removable and painted separately.  The crew are painted using the same technique I used on the warriors I posted a while back with one change.  The technique I used for bronze on the tank i repeated for the crew and I will repaint my older infantry to match.
The sails were magnetized for ease of transport and were painted in Flesh with the freehand fading from purple to blue.  I was nervous about doing freehand as I feel its an extremely weak spot for me hobby wise.  I am not really a fan of decals though so i figured what the hell and started painting jagged symbols on my sails using the runes in the codex for inspiration.
The final details of silver were simple and just boltgun metal with a black wash.  The skin on the crew with no helmets was started with dheneb stone followed by a purple wash and worked up super thin layers of palid witch flesh.
Last but not least what megalomaniacal cocaine inspired pimp ride is complete without symbols idolizing prince.  Ravagers, Venoms Voidraven and a custom Baron Sathonyx coming soon as they are almost done.  Hope you enjoyed the pics see you next time.



  1. The raiders look even better in person. The photos only somewhat hint at the rich color found in the reds and the contrast added by the recesses. You did an awesome job with these tanks and it made our games that much better to have two fully painted, colorful forces on the table this weekend!

  2. Its Dark Kin sexy time!

    well done sir. I cannot wait to slaughter them in glorious combat :-)

  3. Thanks for the comments guys and as for slaughtering them, we will see about that sir.