Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mantic Zombies Review

Old School here with a review of the Mantic Zombies sprue. Zombies have always been a hit with war gamers and our special geek culture in general, but with the re-introduction of Plague Zombies into 40k, the zombie craze is officially hitting our tables in miniature form. Let's take a look at what I believe may be the best zombie kit for your money.

That's it folks, one sprue. I ordered the 30 pack of zombies and recieved 10 of this exact sprue. The photo above and the photo below are detailed shots of each side. Why would I say this is the best kit for zombies if there is such a limited choice of sprues and bits? Let's talk about it.

The kit comes with three torsos, three additional arms, six heads, three sets of legs and a bit that can either represent a rising zombie or one that is just a crawling torso. This actually leaves room for quite a few variants of zombies on its own, but due to the scale, also allows us to use these bits with Guard kits, Flagellents kits and more to truly add even more variation to our possibilities. The kits are easy to cut up and use for kitbashes, but I also find them to be just fine on their own.

Here is what a few zombies I made just using mantic parts look like. I am pretty happy with the details and I can see the potential for a lot of kitbashes and conversions with some of the random bits I have in the box.

Here is a shot of them next to an Iron Warrior. Taking into account that the FW kits are slightly smaller than the GW Chaos Space Marines, the scale seems just fine. I just need to base these bad boys ... and of course make some more.

Overall, I would say that these are much better looking than the GW zombies, which I am just not satisfied with in terms of the way they look and for how many you get for the price.

If you want to get your own zombie horde and are interested in seeing more of what Mantic has to offer, check them out here. They also have deals on kits to make some seriously sci-fi zombies, so take a look around the site.

With all that said, we are wrapping up Hell O' Ween month today and have more articls on gruesome models coming your way. Happy Halloween. Be safe and have fun.

Comments and feedback on Mantic Zombies is always appreciated, so let's hear what you think!


  1. If you are going to use the zombies for 40k then the Wargames Factory's more modern zombies and zombie vixens are cheaper for more models.


    1. Toss me a link please. I want people to be able to check those out.

    2. Here is a link to the Wargames Factory zombie page.


  2. Ill use Zombie and Ghouls of Mantic for proxys of Chaos Cultists... they come in the kickstarter of King of War! XD

  3. I think Studio Miniatures' plastic Nazis Zombies would be well suited in a Plague Marine army:

  4. I just ordered 2 sets of Mantic’s gravedigger set 60 zombies and 60 ghouls for $130. (free Shipping)
    I also sent an additional email asking for 120 round bases. They just replied and are sending me the 120 round bases for free today! Great company and great prices.
    I would recommend Mantic zombies and ghouls to anyone wanting to start a Plague Zombie horde.

  5. Damn, I should have sked for the bases!