Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It Came From The Forums, BigCannon's Amazing Vampire Counts

Hello Everyone,  Wolfson here to help kick off a slew of terrifyingly awesome posts during a month devoted to such.  I discovered BigCannon while looking for inspiration for my own Vampire Counts on the Carpe Noctem forum.  I quickly found myself sorting through page after page of his work and just being blown away.  The striking color pallete and smooth conversions combined with great attention to detail are just amazing.  Lets take a look!

The theme of undead wielding hellfire is common across multiple units in his army and this Vlad is no exception as he summons up a firestorm of dark magic to destroy his foes.
The Wight Lord Battle Standard Bearer from Forge World is a favorite of mine and BigCannon takes it to the next level with some added chains and a paint job that gives the impression the banner is made of flesh and not just ordinary cloth.
No Vampire Count horde is complete without a solid center of bloodsuckers in full plate waiting to ride down the enemy and this unit of Blood Knights looks very much up to the task.  I really enjoy the bases and the rotting flesh tones on the horses. 
Hellfire!? how about some Balefire carried by this corpse cart in addition to a necromancer to keep those hordes of zombies moving.  The contrasting of blues and greys to the flesh and earth tones really creates a striking visual that I am sure gets attention from anyone nearby.

Sniffing out and hunting down humans everywhere these Dire Wolves are looking great and disgusting all at once.

I really enjoy unit fillers not just from a gaming standpoint for a quick way to fill out a unit but more as a way to truly add character to bricks of units and these ghouls really showcase how extra scenery and some clever conversions add a lot of flavor to your standard bricks of troops.

Never march to war without your very own heavily armored skeletal bad ass killing machine to watch your back.  Love them or hate them every fantasy player knows about Grave Guard and what they are capable of.  This unit would strike fear into the enemy not just with their reputation but also this wicked paint job.  The free hand banner is really nicely executed!
More Necromancer goodness for those of you that cant get enough of creepy old men and skulls.   If that is not your thing how about summoning this unit of Grave Guard straight from hell and burning your enemies to ash.  I really enjoy the hellfire concept along with its conversions and paint job that really gives the unit that straight out of the inferno feel.
Every evil lord needs chaff to do heavy lifting so for a Vampire that means sending in his endless skeletal legions.  This legion has been spiced up with nice scenic bases and pieces of additional scenery.  The grey toned approach to bone is one that I have always been a fan of as it gives the appearance of the legion marching at night.

The next piece really talks for itself and showcases how awesome of a kit the Terrorgheist really is.  The attention to detail from the everything on the base to bloody strands of viscera leaking everywhere just floored me.  The nasty off colored bone and rotting flesh are just disgusting in an awesome way.  Descriptions really do not do it justice take some time and look closely at the photos as this is one of the best Terrorgheists I have seen.

As an extra treat I wanted to show some of  BigCannons other works to showcase his talents across multiple armies and systems. Enjoy!

BigCannons work on his Vampire Counts has inspired me to add some things to my army just for Halloween and I feel as though artists like this do not get enough recognition for their time and effort.  I was glad to have stumbled across his work and urge everyone to check his stuff out at Carpe Noctem!  Thanks for checking out this artist's work and feel free to let us know what you think.


  1. Love the basing on those skaven. Always wanted to do something like that for an army, but no idea how. Looks all dusty and red, like Mars or the Australian desert.

    Very nice armies though!

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  3. Wow... The Skeleton warriors are absolutely awesome! Any chance of a guide to how they are done? Cant seem to deduce the colors from the picture? Thanks!