Friday, October 5, 2012

Iron Warriors Primarch/ Chaos Lord Alternative Unboxing: Hi-Tech's Pro Turbo!

Old School here with another unboxing article. This time we are looking at another Hi-Tech model named "Pro-Turbo." This model, in my opinion would work well for the obvious task of being the Iron Warriors Primarch, but could also fill in as a Chaos Lord, Abbadon ... or with little modification, a loyalist HQ as well. Let's take a look ....

So here is the entire kit as it comes in the box, laid out across my paintbox. As you can see, he comes with a full body, arms and pads together, separate hands and weapons, a backpack and some accessories for his backpack and armor.

The hammer itself is vicious looking and stands about the height of a Space Marine Terminator. The head is decorated in a very Iron Warriors style symbol and the bottom of the weapon ends in a powered blade.

Here is the reverse side of the weapon.

The is the side view of the arms under the pads. There are plenty of cables and little details hidden under there for the paintbrush to catch.

The shoulder pads have the legionary style and are complimented by the embossed edges and lines around them.

The model itself is imposing in what look like Terminator Armor (huge TDA!) with a scaled tabbard hanging in front of very large greaves. The model has a vast array of cables running from the side of his face back into his armor, which itself is decorated with a number a plates and segments. The chest segments in particular are slashed at an angle, which would be perfect for hazard stripes.

The back of the model sports a cape and a backpack/ motor. Here is where my heaviest criticism of the model comes into play. I just don't understand why the model has such a plain cape with all the other details across the model. The arrow shaped little tabbards come down too straight and the cape has no flow what-so-ever, which, after handling other Hi-Tech Miniatures is disappointing, since flowing robes and capes are something they do well.

The open hand has been giving the classic pointing finger, along with a wrist mounted, double barrel weapon, which would tie the model in well with a Grey Knights force.

The model comes with this giant plinth of resin, which is highly detailed and fits into a tech theme. The plinth would be easy to magnetize and I plan to use it whenever the model is in my display case.

As far as size is concerned. This is the model standing without its base next to a Chaos Terminator standing on an elevated base. I think the model scales well to the Primarch size in this case.

The model on the plinth however, may not be completely appropriate on the table top!

Overall, the backside of the model does spoil it a little for me, but I am still very happy. All of the other details are spot on and the model could easily work for Perterabo in a Heresy Era setting, Abbadon if you wanted an Iron Warriors "counts-as" Abbadon or since the model has very few traitorous details (other than a severed head on the belt and a symbol on the hammer), he could easily be added into a loyalist for for Grey Knights or Space Marine pretty easily. I plan to paint this guy up after I add a couple of green stuffed peeled faces across parts of his armor. I want him to be the Chaos Lord for my Iron Warriors.

That is all I have for now, but there will be more unboxing articles in the future. We would love to hear what you think of this model and if you are interested in this model or any of Hi-Tech's work, check them out here.


  1. That's a nice looking model. Is it expensive?

  2. It's 23 Euros, so it is a premium depending on the exchange rate, but not much more than a regular finecast HQ model. In this case the quality of the resin is far superior and the model itself is on par with some of the better GW stuff, though it lacks the more subtle detail that the best models in the GW line are known for.

  3. Looks great, I really enjoy Hi Tech, but I tend to buy stuff in store, so since my FLGS doesn't carry em, I'm out of luck

  4. Glad to hear their stuff is good too. Them and scribor and like 2 dozen other companies have been tempting me for some time now. Quiet down all you terribly cool little men/women from various plastic/resin crack providers! I'll buy & paint you all eventually. Now, all I have to do is live forever...