Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hell O' Ween from DFG! If You Missed It, Live it Again with us!

Happy Halloween (or should I say Hell O' Ween) from the DFG crew. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and being a bunch of dudes who like creepy and over the top conversions, this is a great month for us to show you what we like and what we are working with! We celebrated hard this month with our own Hell O' Ween articles compiled here. For those of you who didn't join is let's take a look at what it was all about:

This month, we let it all hang out with rotting flesh tutorials a fat and fat, filthy daemons.

W stacked the bodies high as I revamped Chaos for the new book!

We were invaded by aliens and incidentally, I had a medical problem that involved me getting probed. As if that wasn't scary enough, CVinton and I won two tourneys in two days with the Robot Space Zombies!

We grew awesome robot tentacles like Dr. Octopus!

We got worms ...

 ... and then the worms got bigger!

We looked at many different ways to build better Chaos Space Marines with third party bits!

We delved into deep bases, ready to be filled with whatever awful stuff you please!

We showed you the best the Forums have to offer!

And while Hell O' Ween is over, the plague is spreading! Myself and the authors here have many more conversions (many gross) in store! Expect nothing less from the DFG crew! Before I go, I would like to thank our guest collaborator Krautscientist. Happy Hell O' Ween and if you missed out on the celebration, check out THIS LINK and scroll down through the Hell O' Ween 2012 freakshow!

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go enjoy my candy while wearing an epic Mustache!


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