Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Foodhammer: Gaming for a Noble Cause! Get Involved

Old School here to talk about an event that has a really great cause: Foodhammer, a great annual Charity event that helps raise food for families that may struggle through the holiday season! Here are more details from the folks at Fresh Coast 40k:

What is Foodhammer 2012?
                Foodhammer is an annual Warhammer charity event benefiting the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. 100% of the proceeds from the event are donated. Last year, Fresh Coast 40k raised $1,070 dollars in cash and $1,500 worth of non-perishable food items for the less fortunate in the Mid-Michigan area, which provided hundreds of meals to local families.
                Date: November 3rd Time: 11am - 8pm Doors @ 10am Location: Flint
                On November 3rd, gamers from around the region will gather in Flint to battle one another for prizes and bragging rights, but also to support an important local charity by donating to the cause.
                Foodhammer 2012 will be hosted by Fresh Coast 40k at Flint’s very own Gamers Sanctuary, the place to play in mid-Michigan.
                EVENT LOCATION - Gamers Sanctuary: G4290 Miller Rd. Flint MI 48507 p: 810.720.8280
                The Fresh Coast 40k team would like to thank the following sponsors.  They stepped up big to support Foodhammer 2012 and the prizes they’ve donated are awesome!  Please check out what they have to offer and consider a purchase the next time you’re in the market for gaming goodies.

Sponsors so far: KR Multicase, Dragon Forge, BasesBlack Library, MiniWarGaming, Gamers Sanctuary,McDonald's
                What time does Foodhammer start? 
                Doors open at 10am, tournament orientation at 1030am, and the first game is set to start promptly at 11am.
                How many rounds will be played? 
                Foodhammer 2012 will encourage participants to play as many 1500+ point games as possible throughout the day.
                So, then what are all the unique rules for this event? 
                Foodhammer is all about having a good time!  You can download the official rules here.  Now with Fantasy AND 40k.
                How many tables will there be? 
                There will be at least 20 gaming tables set up for Foodhammer 2012, enough room to accommodate up to 40 players.
                What kind of food is available at Foodhammer 2012? 
                Fresh Coast 40k will provide food right from the on-site BBQ grill for everyone participating in the event throughout the day, all included with the $10 price of admission.  Additionally, Gamers Sanctuary has various sodas, chips, candy, and other snacks available at the store.
                Will I be able to pay for food/products from Gamers Sanctuary with a credit/debit card? 
                Yes.  However, all event-related donations will be cash and/or check only.
So, if you want to donate foodstuff, prizes or get involved, visit the Foodhammer Web site here or e-mail them at  contactus@foodhammer.com. You can also donate via the Paypal button on this page. If you can't donate, but want to help out, then re-post this information on your blog, facebook or other platforms to help get the word out to folks who may want to contribute or even come out to the event! 

Also, check for event coverage and news at Fresh Coast 40k!


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    1. Not a Problem, Muggins! It's such a good cause. I really hope we can help you get even more support. I am really happy to see the support you have gotten so far from KR and all those folks too.

  2. we've been doing foodhammer in Vancouver for a couple of years now :). Its cool to game and help others while doing it

  3. This looks like a lot of fun and I am going to do my best to attend