Sunday, October 28, 2012

Feast of Blades Coverage - Saturday

Saturday saw the beginning of both the Invitational GT and the Open GT, as well as a Narrative game.  Demos of Infinity and Relic Knights were in the main hall as well, and Privateer Press had a nice area that they were running their events in as well.  After the fun I had the night before, I couldn't wait to begin the day...there was just one problem.

...I had forgotten just how much of a pain in the rear that getting up early for tournament registration can be.

Even though I had to drag myself down to the main hall, registration went fairly well.  It ran a little late so I was afraid the day might run late, but I'll give this to the TO and staff, they maintained the schedule they set and we were finished on time.  I got the chance to walk around the room, take a bunch of pictures of armies and, quite frankly, finish waking up.  Two big things struck me as I did this though.  1.  My God, the sheer quantity of allies being used is amazing, especially the use of allies to purely fill gaps in the main force, seemingly without care for fluff or story.  2.  Flyers, flyers everywhere, and I need a drink.  Yes, that even includes a 9-flyer, Cron Air Force.

I'll give a brief synopsis of my games, then get to the rest of the day.

Game 1 versus Tzeench Demons
He was fielding two flying demon princes, a lord of change, and two chariot heralds, along with screamers, flamers and horrors.  Holy crap I got my tail handed to me.  I went first, and made the mistake of not casting Warp Quake...that would cost me.  To say I was beat wouldn't do it justice, I was tabled.  To say that I hate Tzeench lists also wouldn't do it justice...but I don't curse in my writing.  Ask me in person if you want the full effect of my feelings for that style of list.  No, I'm not a bad sport, and the guy I played was great to play against, I just hate that list.

In between games 1 and 2, they scored painting.  I ended up with a 37/40. I'm thrilled with the score, and kicking myself because I missed a point for not having a display board...Dangit, I flew in, I couldn't bring a display board!!!  Ah well.  From what the judges are saying, the paint scores are close, so we'll see during the awards tomorrow!

Game 2 versus Grey Knights with Necron Allies can...Necrons???  Sigh.  He played a purifier list, two dreadknights, an inquisitor and then the crons in 2 night scythes.  Okay fine, so his list caused me some story-anguish, but he was a blast to play against.  We laughed, had a great time and I'd play a game against him again in a heartbeat.  This game I won.  We tied objectives, but I played boldly with my own Grey Knights and too the primary mission.

Game 3 versus Blood Angels
Ever feel like your dice hate you?  Yeah, this game I couldn't roll a pinning test or even a 3+ (sometimes even a 2+) to save my life.  He had two sniper teams and two whirlwinds.  With my small force, and my crappy rolls, he was actually able to keep my entire force pinned, stunned and immobilized for two full turns!!!  Two full turns of me not being able to fight back lost this game for me, it's as simple as that.

The highlight of today was that Mordian7th was able to drive down for half the day to h and out!  After all my games were played, he was able to pull out the Leviathan he's been building from scratch and some of his Mordian Imperial Guard, and we threw down.

This is the reason I love to come to events like this.  We set up length-wise and went to town.  The Grey Knights came out on top, but that's not really the point.  The point was that we've followed each others blog for over a year, and we finally got the chance to hang out for a time, roll some dice and kill some plastic soldiers.  This was beyond fun...can't wait to hang out with him again at Adepticon next year!

Ugh...I've still gotta get up early tomorrow and pack up before the tournament continues...then fly back home.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's coverage and wrap-up!

- Tim


  1. Had a blast on Saturday - great to finally get a chance to meet up and have a game! I will definitely be making it out to Adepticon, that's a plan!


  2. God, some of these photos look great! There must have been some awesome armies on hand - to include your own! My envy is high now!

  3. Well it sounds like you had fun regardless. Best of all, you got to meet Mordian. It's great to meet fellow bloggers whenever you can.

  4. I could have lost every game and still had a blast. Getting to throw dice with Mordian was beyond fun :). The atmosphere of the entire event was really laid back and relaxed. I wasn't in the invitational which was a little more cutthroat too, so that helped :)