Friday, October 19, 2012

Chaos Space Marine FAQ up: The Changes

Old School here with the big news: The Chaos Space Marine V1 FAQ is up! The little news ... it's really small - which may not be a bad thing. Let's look at what has changed.

Page61– Typhus, Plague Zombies
Change to ‘Plague Zombies are Chaos Cultists that have the
Fearless, Feel No Pain and Slow and Purposeful special rules
and cannot purchase options other than to add additional
models to the unit.’ -That's right! The haters and doubters can officially go pound sand! Hordes of zombies are in and Typhus is even more of a netlist character than he ever was before!

Page69 – Axe of Blind Fury
Change first rules sentence to ‘Models with the Mark of
Khorne, or Daemons of Khorne, only.’- I am not sure why this was even a big deal?

Page91 – superscript note 5
Change to ‘Models with the Mark of Khorne, or Daemons of
Khorne, only.’-Same

Page97 – Chaos Terminators, Options, second bullet point
Change to ‘Any Chaos Terminator may choose any of the
following three options:’ - Thanks for the clarity.

Page97 – Helbrute
Change points value to 100 points - I will take a points reduction. That means a basic Hellbrute is even cheaper and one with a reaper is 105, one with a Missile Launcher and a twin linked lascannon is only 135 if you felt you needed that kind of firepower!

That is really all there is! Overall, this is the shortest FAQ I have ever seen. It doesn't address some of the issue I thought it would, but it is also arriving sooner than I thought as well. Check it out. Here's to GW for making good on quick rulings. Zombies anyone?


  1. I feel the need for 140 nazi zombies, for 600 pts.................OH HEY! Can you say not enough bullets?

  2. With the changes just think, 210 zombies, 1 heldrake, 3 maulerfiends and 1 helbrute with tyhus.

  3. I just finished painting 90 Zombies, let the Zombie Apocalypse Begin!


  4. The points cost of the Hellbrute isn't, and never was, a problem. 5 points less doesn't fix the fact that if can't take two of the same gun, namely reapers, and doesn't fix the fact that the Crazed! rules make it dangerous to run anything that isn't a fist-and-gun setup, which isn't very efficient.

  5. Did you see the last Sisters of Battle FAQ? Two erretta's, no FAQ's. Don't think you get the award for shortest just yet :)

  6. The 5pt change on the Hellbrute was apparently because the english printings erroneously listed the price 5pts more than the foreign language printings. The crazed rule works in alot more friendly way. So he's certainly useable now.

    With enough zombies... there are armies that don't even get to roll enough dice in a game.