Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wreck Age: The Factions! From Creepy to Hopeful!

With only hours to spare before the Wreck Age Kickstarter ends today, I wanted to help get the word out about the factions involved in the game. Let's face it, nobody really gets into a game becasue they heard about the rules, they get involved because of the cool models! Wreck Age is no different. As a game that plays both on the table top and as an RPG, it is a step away from my normal wargame routine, but change is goo. Let's look at the factions, starting with the evil bastards that touched my withered, black heart, the Stitchmen:

During the Exodus, a ship carrying specialized medical personnel crash-landed before exiting atmosphere. The carnage was horrific, but the ill-fated flight had been loaded with skilled experts in the common field of life-longevity and practical medicine. The despairing but resigned survivors began their macabre practice immediately, and soon set out both in small bands and as individuals in order to carve, quite literally, a place for themselves in the harsh environment of North America. Some of these hapless few are rumored to exist even today, plying their wicked trade in furtive secrecy...

The Stitchmen boxed set contains 7 unique models: a Doctor, 3 Hunters, an Orderly, and a Body Snatcher - a spider-like mechanical construct used to prepare bodies for processing.
Next up are the Stakers:
Almost immediately after the Exodus, the resilient, the far-sighted, the idealistic, and the indolent banded together to form the closest approximation of stability they could imagine. Many of these communities now lay buried under heaping piles of ash, bone, and e-waste, but those that remain are known as Staker communities, the modest and hopeful amidst a world of cruel opportunism.

This box set contains 7 unique models:  2 Field Hands, a Scout, 3 Outriders, and a Sapper.

Next up are the Hy Planes Drifters:

Drifters are nomadic warbands descended from criminal gangs that had been left wandering during the Exodus and subsequent collapse. They value strength and live by a strict hierarchical code of violence and plunder. They believe that anything and everything should be taken and that the world is a massive plain ripe for their harvesting.

This set contains 9 unique models: a Chieftain, 3 Drifters, 4 Grubs (novices), and an Exploding Boar.

Now let's check out the group that are almost as awesome to me as the Stitchmen, The Order of the Reclaimers:

Reclaimers are the world's foremost authority on scavenging. The e-wastes of North America and the rest of the world hold a veritable trove of disjointed information and oddly situated technology. With single-minded zealotry, the Reclaimers aim only to collect and to re-assemble the pieces of this grand technological mystery, to learn about the sins of the past, and to intuit how technology might someday lead the diligent back toward humanity's rightful place.

This box set contains 6 unique models: a Scriviner, a Power-Scav, a Zealot, a Server, and 2 Reclaimers.

That's it for now folks.  Those are the first four factions of the game. The world is described as:

The world of Wreck Age is a post-collapse game based in the imagination of three friends and a legion of compatriots; it is a rich and suggestive world in which you can build your own narratives and structure your own adventures. Though devastated, Wreck Age depicts a fresh and unique gaming world, one that offers you a suggestive, rich, and wildly varied setting in which you can carve out a space tailored to your interests –from role-playing to tabletop miniatures, to the immensely rewarding combination thereof.
From the reaches of the Seattle Sea Wall, to the stilted city of New Orleans, to the aspiring young metropolis of Esperanza and Switch City; from the hobbled working cities of Coal Town and Gunmetal, to the haunted ruins of New York and Houston; from the small trading villages, like SonoTrader, Yellowstone, and Emergence, that dot the landscape, to the isolated tribal hamlets that have managed to survive despite staggering hardship… Wreck Age is yours to explore, develop, and enjoy.  
The best way to get your hands on the models is to go over to the Kickstarter and make a pledge! You could get a rulebook, a boxed set, four boxes or even a character made in your image. In any case, check it out it is cool as hell. I really wish I had the dough to get my own character, but hey, getting the word out about games like this that come from the minds of gamers like us is good enough. Check it out and if it is up your alley help support it, if not, then tell us what you think.

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