Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Necron Monolith Conversion Painted! The Yellow Crons Strike Again!

Old School here with a quick post on my yellow necron monolith to go with the rest of my Yellow Necrons! I changed a few things to break it away from the standard lith, so let's take a quick look.

I liked the idea of scarabs just pouring out of the monolith, so I added some of my homemade scarabs to the door and added a few across the whole thing.

I used white and some brass and bronze colors to help break up the yellow eye sore. I still don't recommend staring straight into the model for too long!

In the arc chamber, I added sand and even some grass. I just imagine the lith breaking through the ground to assault an unsuspecting world! (damn phone destroyed part of this photo btw, but oh well).

Lastly, the big change to the monolith was the pilot for the arc housing area on top of the monolith. I want him to control the main weapon and the vehicle itself. I gave hime the reverse color scheme that has also been seen on my destroyer lord.

That's it. I am finishing the last of the immortals and beyond that I just have a few straggler units to mop up before I am completely done.


  1. I really dig that color scheme... as for the driver...kool idea but personally I think it loses some of the mystic of the monolith when you see a guy behind the steering wheel lol

  2. You make me like the model now...I used to despise the monolith for it's design. your pilot conversion and paint job does the model more justice than I would have ever given it before seeing yours.

    Well done, sir. Well done indeed :)

  3. The weathering is spot on, too. Great work!

  4. I love the pilot. And I have to let our readers in in the fact that anytime, ANYTIME we talk about necrons we start squawking like the aliens in mars attack and that's how over the top we see the necrons. Now put yourselves in that mindset and you will understand why there is a driver on top of this monolith and why it's so funny to us.

  5. Great looking model, I think the dirt and grass on top is really sharp and I got that "it rose from the ground" type vibe right away without even reading your intent. Which is awesome.

  6. Thanks for the comPlents guys. I personally mailed this one in a little, but I still love it. What CVinton said is spot on: we squawk like the aliens from Mars Attacks every time we say anything or talk about necrons. It doesn't matter where we are or if it is appropriate or not. We are over the top and so are our crons.