Monday, September 24, 2012

DFG Community Top Posts of the Week! Seven Posts You Should See!

Old School here with the latest featured article. The DFG Network Posts of the Week is a weekly feature where we will feature things that the DFG Team (Authors and non-authors) have pointed out as great posts from blogs in our network. Not only does this help support our Network Members, but it also allows the 1.5k+ visitors we get daily to find inspiration for our next project. This week is very Chaos oriented. The reason for this is that this humble blog started with a Chaos Space Marine army and one man. It has grown so much bigger than one man or one army. This first week is a tribute. So without any more yammering from me, let's look at the first seven Post of the Week!
These are in no particular order, by the way. Post #1 is a feature from Eternal Hunt showing off KrautScientist's latest Renegade Ogryn! Pic Above.

Post #2 is from James Wappel Miniature Painting. In this post, the legendary painter reshoots a classic Ultraforge Daemon - personally, one of my favorite models.

Up next at #3 is Lucky No. 5's Mandrake Conversions at Eye of Error, which come with a great background explanation to go with the incredible paintjob!

Up next is a newcomer to the blogroll, Michael at The Resurrected Hobbyist. This is a WIP post, but I really like where the Hellbrute is going here and to be honest, the rest of his work includes some crazy stuff like an incredible scratchbuilt Thunderhawk. Check out his blog and you will want to follow!

An amazing non-Chaos model snuck its way into the list! This one comes from Karitas at Excommunicate Traitoris, who converted this incredible Wolf Priest from a Dark Vengeance Dark Angels Librarian. 

 This next post includes a whole batch of Golden Daemon entries from Plebicidal. These models are great and go from Chaos to Imperial Fists to Lord of the Rings.

Last but not least ... while I didn't want to include anyone twice, Lucky No. 5 stole his way back into the list, this time with his post at Standard Template Construct (a mega blog of sorts), where he featured his incredible Mariners Blight!

There we go. I plan to keep this up on Mondays to help get people through the initial Monday morning blah! If it doesn't work out on Mondays, I will play with the day, but the bottom line is, we have a Network and it is time to help pimp the members' blogs! Let's here what you think of these incredible posts.


  1. Wow thanks for the shootout OST! There are a lot of awesome posts here I haven't seen yet from the blogosphere :)

  2. I too am quite honoured by the shoutout. Glad you found something to like about those hideous freakish monsters I built ;-)

  3. Hi, I am a University student, I was thinking if I can borrow one of your beast image for my university assignment?

    thank you