Monday, August 6, 2012

It Came From the Forums: Bad Buddha's Walkers to Remember!

Old School here with another edition of It Came From the Forums. This edition brings us three armies from the inspiring Bad Buddha of Bolter and Chainsword. I am featuring three of his projects in this post. The first is a Space Marine Diesel Punk army called the Emperor's Bloodied Axes (Lysander conversion in the pics above and below). After that, I will show you his henchmen project and his Admech Nurgle from yore. Here we go, enjoy:

Yeah, you read right above, that is Lysander! I couldn't figure it out at first either and then once I realized these were terminators, I lost my mind! I love the mustached guy in the cockpit and all the bits involved in the conversions.

Here is a cyclone missile launcher terminator.

Her is a group shot as the little walkers head to war. The army doesn't stop there, BB also got creative with the other members of this force.

This is an rifleman dread he made from a deff dread and some assorted bits. The graveyard earth tone really looks cool and makes the army really stand apart from traditional space marine armies.

This is a speeder ... that's right, a speeder.

I find it very interesting how much he was able to strip down the orky look of the original models and made them fit the theme he was going for. I will admit that this army isn't for everyone, but I personally like to see things that look different and really push the limits while also looking great.

Here is the artist's Thunderfire cannon!

Here is another dreadnought. I really like the numbers and the tear and also the little buzz saw. It really is a great dreadnought conversion.

I honestly don't know what this is.

For those of you wondering how the terminators were made, they are each made from a basilisk barrel and some plastic card. There are tons more photos of these models and details on how they were made in the original thread.

This army also includes some jetbikes!

This model here is the techmarine that goes with the thunderfire cannon above! I love the look of this model and I think it may be the coolest thing in this collection.

For more of the Emperor's Bloodied Axes, check out the original thread!

Up next, let's look at a henchmen inspired Grey Knight Conversion army, starting with another classic walker conversion: the Dreadknight!

I love walkers and love the campy look of this dreadknight and still prefer it over the original frontpack look of the real model.

This is one of the army's psyfleman dreads. I love the chicken walker look of it and it fits the somewhat campy pulp look of the army.

One of the chimeras in this force!

A Multi-melta servitor.

Counts as Coteaz! I like the creepy baby bit!

Every model in this henchmen army is different. This is one of the many deathcult assasins!

I love this model! Instead of the walking toilet, we get an angry inquisitor lord riding a flying skull with grotesque cherub servitors! This is by far my favorite thing in this army!

Bad Buddha's vehicles are always impressive and this counts as Storm Raven is no exception. It really fits the look of the army, while the original model would have felt tacked on.

I have never thought of a rhino with wheels before, but now I really want to have one!

The henchmen in this army are really where it is at. Like I said, everyone is different and it really reflects the fluff idea that many of these guys come from various worlds and backgrounds. I also am a conversion fiends, so when I go through these photos, I just try to name the kits that were involved. It really gets staggering as you go through!I love that crusader by the way!

Forget fine cast monkeys. Here is a jakero made from a savage ork!

Another really cool deathcult assassin.

Here are some chaps made from empire and Imperial Guard kits.

One of the great things about running this series is that I always find things that make me want to push my hobby farther. Stuff like this makes me regret making armies to codex standards and maybe my next force will be a unique counts as force like the ones we see from this great artist!

For more of these incredible Henchmen, check out the original GK thread here!

Next up is a Admech themed Nurgle CSM army that is filled with walkers and robots!

This odd fellow here is one of many interesting walkers!

This is my favorite walker from this force as it really reminds me of some kind of Eastern deity given form in Machine.

A pretty standard knight titan made from a defiler.

His brother.

These obliterators are amazing and I love the skin tones and admech feel of these models!

Terminator Drones!

This army has several plague Marine Squads and each one is different. Here is the first squad!

The second ... and if you want to see the rest, you will need to follow the links in this post.

I cannot encourage you enough to check out the links and check out these armies. Artists like this are out there and sometimes their work is only seen by the few folks who will check their thread out in their forum. I love finding armies and putting them out there for the blogosphere. If you visit the original pages, give the artist some encouragement there and let them know what you think!

Here is the link to the thread where the Nurgle Admech army resides

Enjoy the eye candy and as always, comment and feedback are always encouraged!


  1. Those armies are so funky and awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The stealth suit, next on bash is freaking awesome

  3. Replies
    1. He used to be on The Waaagh forum. Bad Buddha was still his username.

  4. That's one awesome set of conversions. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think the mystery model from the Fists army is maybe supposed to be a Heavy Bolter Servitor? Or maybe a HB Devastator, I guess.