Monday, July 2, 2012

6th Edition Video Battle Report - Orks vs. Space Wolves

Hello Everyone,

General Chaos here with another Video Battle Report. This was a 1500 point battle between my Orks and Jon's Space Wolves. This was my first game using the 6th edition rule set so if we get somethings wrong I apologize in advance. Jon took his standard Wolves list while I took a little bit of everything to test out the new rules. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching. 

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  1. Lol you guys will LOVE this. If you read IC joining a unit and their special rules strictly as written, you will find that it offers as many advantages to the unit joined as it does the guy who has it. For example, I can throw a mega-armored warboss into a squad of heavy weapon Lootas and going by 'IC's joining a unit do not transfer their special rules (it says RULES, NOT advantages or disadvantages) unless they specifically say so (Stubborn is their example). Now read stubborn and Slow and Purposeful. Nearly the exact same wording. The Lootas now can fire as if they had slow and purposeful.