Monday, July 9, 2012

The Grotesque Project: Subject #10, The Carver!

The time has come for me to reveal the final member of the Grotesque squad I created for Wolfson. The final subject is called the Carver! He is a pretty simple conversion. Let's take a look.
The Carver is made mostly from a Fantasy Ogre, the arm from an Ogre command frame, another arm from an Irongut Ogre and bits from the Talos and Raider kits.

The head is made completely from green stuff and set on top of the original place where the ogre's head should go. I did this to make him taller and to make him more humanoid and less squat.

The dead body is made from a bit from the crypt fiend kit with legs from a fantasy zombie. I like the look of this model for the sheer evil of the posing, the chains and guts and everything else that makes him look like he enjoys inflicting pain and fear!

Here is the squad all together. I hope Wolfson picks these up as his next painting project! I can't wait to see them painted up!

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  1. Well, that's quite a squad you've got there! Great variety and lots of fantastic conversions, although the latest member seems almost to plain compared to some of the more "extreme" models. Great job on the corpse, though!

    My favourites would have to be the two-headed one, the Hunger and the Tickler in that order.
    On a related note: Not to be a nuisance, but I really still think you should take the horns off the Hunger to make him look even more disturbing (and less like an actual minotaur) ;-)