Monday, June 11, 2012

The Yellow Destroyer Rises!

Old School here with more yellow Necron action and, of course, another kill point for our painting challenge. I built this Destroyer Lord months ago and have wanted to paint it ever since, so once I got the yellow crons where I wanted them, I went straight to the lord! Let's take a look at him ...

The painting process was pretty much identical to the one used for my yellow warriors last week, but I wanted my Lords, Overlords and Phaerons to all have white bodies to give the look of an upgraded body and to signify their position. I also used a couple layers of glaze on the weapon along with some sporatic dabs of various light blues to make the scythe look less one-dimension while maintaining the big contrast and loud color.

A little Brass Scorpion with highlights of Runelord were used for the crown and the spine.

I used black was and a little sponged on abbadon black to make the soot effect for the vents (though I have no idea what Necrons are burning to make soot, it just looks cool).

I like the overall effect, the model and the scheme now and I am settled in on the idea of painting this army.

I don't know how much I will use the Destroyer Lord, but I can't wait to see the army done up and on the tables.

Oh, and here are a few better pics of the yellow warriors ...

Anyway, let me know what you think and check out the Painting Challenge if you aren't already involved. We would love to see your work up here!


  1. Love the paint job - very effective. Yellow just takes rust and chipping effects so well, but the way you have gone about this has given you a cracking centrepiece for your army.

  2. I think the flying saucers, wraiths and Douche Canoes will be amazing in this scheme, so I am looking forward to getting some of those on the painting table now!

  3. Nice! Really dig the weathering effect you've gotten on the lord, and the yellow and blue scheme really pops. Good stuff!

  4. i honestly didn't like the cron warriors in yellow too much, but the lord looks amazing:) Good Job!

  5. Wow, who would have thought Necrons would look good in yellow, great job.

  6. Thanks guys, I have been hitting the paint desk hard the last couple of days between homework for the professional course I am at and physical training, and should have some more stuff up soon.

  7. Good Lord, those are some very yellow Necrons! I love it though, so bright and cheerful, would love to play against these guys.

  8. You make me want to build a Necrons army. I want to hate you for that, but with the quality you're producint with the paint job on these models, I just can't. Kudos to you, sir :)