Friday, June 8, 2012

"Rise of the Lascannon" Round 2..... FIGHT!: Battle Report

As you all know I recently started a new list that is really different. The reasons why and what the list is can be found here. Now I have played my second game with this list, and against Grey Knights at that against DFG's very own... The Judge.

Here his list as best I can remember it:
4 squads of termies: 3x halbreds, 1x daemon hammer, 1x psycannon+banner
2xpsycannon ven-dreads
1xpsycannon dread
1x Inquisitor in termie armor w/5 servitors w/plasma-cannons in chimera (the getto Plasma-cutioner as he called it)
3x servo skulls

Feel free to correct me Judge if something is wrong here.

We had 4 objectives and were deployed table quarters, I rolled to get first turn and deployed.

Here is where I made my first mistake. I, not thinking deployed two of my heavy weapons teams to far back to reach a building in which i knew the 3 dreads would be sitting in and shooting my front lines from. Though it did hurt me, it did not haunt me. It kept them out of the dread's deadly fire on those two squads, and though i could have used them to shoot apart the dreads, in the end it did not matter. He did deploy the three dreads there and  then deployed the inquisitor squad and that was it. Deciding to deep-strike his termies.

The servo skulls did their job, keeping my vendetta's very much at bay, and only allowing one of them to turbo boost and that into a not so great position. And then the bad part happened, he seized initiative, and the pain began.

I wont get into a round by round, blow by blow review, as I don't have pics to go along with the game, but suffice to say, each turn was a stuggle, my vendettas barely did anything, and once again I felt quite vindicated how nice it was to do 4 orders at leadership 10. It saved my butt quite a few times as I rolled 9's at least 4 times.

The lascannons in back, though seemingly bad placement, made up plenty of their points in termies, over the course of the game. The other champs of the game were the platoon command squads, who put a nasty amount of wounds out on his termies before getting their asses killed (definitely made up their points though)

At the end of turn five the game ended with me holding one objective and him none, having only his 3 dreads left on the board, and one hurt. I was left with 2 heavy weapons squads, the Company Command squad and two Infantry Platoon Squads. along with two broken chimeras, the psyker battle squad, and the two griffons.

I feel like the list definitely showed some good stuff tonight, and the ability to bend but not break, and the ability to regroup broken squads was REALLY helpful. The griffons did ok again, not amazing but well enough to keep them around. The poor medusa never had a chance to shine, being killed turn one.

The more I think on, and the more I play with this list, the more I am enjoying it. It can be scary... but I have to remind myself that this list has a TON of contingency plans.

Once again, if you readers have anything you would like me to cover in a post (I recommend Imperial Guard questions but hell I will give any subject a shot as long as it pertains to 40k) shoot me an email at

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....


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