Saturday, June 2, 2012

Emperor's Chosen Taken from DFG Network Rolls

Old School here with a special announcement regarding our blog network. Our good friend DKMortals over at Emperor's Codex has started The Chosen! The chosen is a top tenish style post that draws posts that feature amazing work, directly from the DFG blog rolls. Click the link for more of the Emperor's Codex and read below for instructions on how to join our network.
Joining the DFG network is simple:

First, follow DFG
Second, Add DFG to YOUR blog roll
and third, shoot us an e-mail at and give us a link to your blog and a brief summary of what you are all about!

That's it. I would like to thank DKMortals for taking this effort on and hope to see many more folks join our network as we only wish to promote the hobby nd the game in all aspects!


  1. Ahhh, Brian's sweet-looking Ork Special Operations: KILLZONE operatives...
    I actually have gotten quite a few games under my belt fielding Brian's painted Ork Killzone team - including a bunch of games as a ringer during the Adepticon events on Friday. They are simply phenomenal and I'm lucky to have Brian from A Gentleman's Ones as my hobby mentor and friend. :)

  2. I think this is going to work out great and I am hoping as the blog roll grows, it will also help promote the painting challenges you guys do!!

  3. Orks is da best... or so I'm told.
    Cheers fellas.