Thursday, May 10, 2012

Week 2 Painting Challenge Round Up (Updated!)

Sammy here again with all the great entries you guys have given us this week. I regretfully did not get my kill point done this week due to real life circumstances. However the show must go on and here is this weeks entries .

First up is Da Warboss with an early entry that i almost missed. sorry bout that, well anyway this is a great looking kill point. nothing like some ork conversions to get thru the day. I really like these scratch built killakans the look exactly like what I would imagine Grots would make for a Kan. Da Warboss also did a deff dread conversion.which looks like its a hybrid space marine dread/daemon prince.

alright and next up we have Brian with his chaos corrupted Imp guard. Brian sent in a very nice email with the explanation of the army. unfortunately I was super behind in getting this posted so my sincerest apologizes to you Brian.

Here's my photo-record of Week One's fully painted Kill Point for the Dark Future Games 2012 Painting Challenge: a squad of Traitor Guardsmen. I used Speed Painting techniques for these, so there not exactly my finest work. Ironically, because I spend 10-12 hours a day painting other people's miniatures, I don't have a great deal of free time to paint for myself (so picking a Guard Army probably wasn't my smartest move). Normally I paint for myself during my lunch-break, but these lads were painted on my day off. Just under three hours total painting time.

Here's the fluff: The 13th Maleguant regiment has only recently been corrupted by Chaos. The ordinary grunts are largely ignorant of the fact they've fallen into worshipping the Dark Powers, in the form of a Word-Bearer sponsored cult. Although you won't see many Aquila's or other symbols of Imperial might, these Guardsmen (local PDF troop's really) don't display overt signs of Corruption. Only a very few miniatures -such as the Army Commander and one or two Vet/Command Squad types- will actually wear any form of Chaos symbol. Essentially, I wanted maximum fluff playability for those these guys. If I'm playing Xenos or Chaos forces, then the battle is taking place either before, or just shortly after, their home ward rejects Imperial rule. If I'm playing against Imps, then the battle happens after the corruption of Maleguant has been discovered. As you've probably gathered, I like my fluff. While there will be some competitive elements in my army - Chimelta vets, Flamer-Demo vets and the like - there's a place for fluffy, bog-standard Imperial Guard Platoons as well.

alright and last but certainly not least we have Mordian7th with a couple really awesome chaplains I really like the banner work he did on these two dudes.

Hello folks,

Another week, another kill point (or two, technically). This go-around are the pair of Chaplains I've built and painted to accompany my Heresy-era World Eaters.

The first one will be joining a 16-strong unit of Berzerkers in a Storm Eagle - his Litanies of Hate will come in handy when they wade in swinging their chainaxes! The other is designed to accompany the Assault Squads - in the Tempus Fugitives lists the Assault units may be 10-man squads with jump packs, or alternately one big 20-man squad on foot, so I magnetized the backpack to allow him to use the standard pack, or utilize a jump pack as the situation dictates.

Not sure what's on deck for next week - the package from Forge World with all the early-mark armor has been delayed due to back-order status and I'm running out of World Eaters to build and/or paint. Theoretically it'll be a 5-man squad of Assault Terminators, assuming a bits order shows up!

Can't wait to see what others have in store - keep up the great work, everyone!



alright guys good work and keep them coming we will have more KP's thru out the week and some more from yours truly, baring any aggro from real life. and if your looking for some simple updates during your work day  check us out on twitter.

Samsquanch OUT!


  1. Thanks Samsquanch. Love those conversions.

  2. Very cool! My entry was emailed your way last night and I'm already getting stuck in on next week's entry. Keep up the great work, everyone!

  3. oh crap, yep there it is. ill make the edit immediately!

  4. Couple more conversions (Termy Libby)

    and the old Shokk Attack Gun (I'll psot a pic paitned later)