Monday, April 30, 2012

Painted Forge World Avatar

      Hello everyone,
Wolfson here bringing you my recently completed Forge World Avatar that I purchased at Adepticon.
I have been in need of an Avatar for my Eldar for quite some time but decided that only a Forge World one would do Khaine justice!

The parts were all in pretty good shape with only the sword needing to be warmed in hot water and bent back into shape.  I filled some minor imperfections with liquid green stuff and proceeded to build a base worthy of the war god.  It has been some time since I have worked with green stuff besides filling gaps so i figured a defeated space marine lying down would be easy enough to start with.  Sorry CVinton I only had Space Wolf bits on hand.

The armor was a blast to paint but also challenging as I worked in a backwards fashion from what I am use to starting with pure white in the deepest recesses and moving upwards through yellows to orange, red and finally black.

The actual armor plates i wanted to keep simple and match my molten color palette so a simple bronze with black wash was in order.  The sword I was not so sure about but ended up layering oranges with the runes highlighted in red hoping to make the edges of the sword glow with potency in contrast to the runes.

 The gems were all done in blue along with the tabard to stay true to my Alaitoc Craftworld scheme and contrasted the rest nicely.
The hair I kept simple with some reds on black as if the heat of the armor was reflecting off of jet black hair.  I finished up the base including the Space Wolf about to meet the Emperor and messed around with some attempts at reflecting heat and light onto the base in relation to the Avatar itself.  Well I hope you all enjoy my Avatar and please tell me what you think.  
   P.S. CVinton I swear im building a Light Box!


  1. Wolfson
    I've seen the lava effect before and it always looked cartoony and fake, this is the very first one I've seen that looks totally real. Very very nice man, superior work.

    Build that damned light box! I did that post just for you!

  2. Really makes me want to paint mine now =)Great job

  3. It looks scary! I love it! It's awesome that is is about to kill a Space Wolf too, haha!

  4. Thanks for the complements guys it really was a blast to paint. Now on to this painting challenge!

  5. Very nice effect on the armour. Good stuff.

  6. That's gorgeous. Flame effects on a model that big are incredibly hard to pull off. Your's look great.