Friday, April 20, 2012

Adepticon Fantasy Coverage 2012!

Old School Termie here with the pics I took from the Warhammer Fantasy GT! Fantasy alway brings it hard in the painting and conversion department, so let's take a look ...

This giant is dead stompy!

Rhinox Cavalry .. like a boss!

 There are a lot of repeat awesome armies from previous Adepticons, like this amazing tree army.

Brettonians? What?


This Chaos army and board is pretty cool.

Here we go, it keeps going.

it's sick ...

... and gets sicker ...

and there is a river filled with dead people!

Then there is Hasting's amazing beastmen!

The blues contrast so well with the tones from the rest of his army, it is amazing!

The banners are also all freehand! No printing here!

So far, he is doing well so far, which is very impressive considering where people think Bestmen are in Fantasy!

This next army has been one of my favorite to cover over the last three years! The Pets of Slaansesh! The dragon is out of control!

Get used to the awesome sexual suggestions in this army, because they are everywhere and for this army ... completely appropriate!

Knights with whips!

His opponent!

A little more of the opponent!

The Blue Ogres of Doom!

These glowing Tomb Kings were amazing!

I love Ogres, so excuse me if I get a little crazy over them. I love this army because out of all the crazy Ogre armies, this was one of the only traditional ones with regular skin!


This army was hot ... wahwah.

Rhellion caught cheating ... just kidding. I hope the drinks that were forced on him weren't holding him back.

The Vampire Air Force folks!

They are eating one of the best looking armies here today!

Dune abbominations!

 Chaos Dwarf Ogres!

Actual Chaos Dwarves!

More of Hasting's madness!


Here we go!

 More of those Brets!

 More sexy Slaanesh!

 I'm on a boat!

 Treemen from hell!

This is easily my favorite Fantasy army here today. Sorry Rhellion!

and as we go through, you will see why!

Worms get you extra points in my book!

and sick ogre heads!

 OK, now you have gone too far!

 The big man!

I saved the best for last, Rhellion's Skaven! Buy him plenty of drinks this weekend! Be ready for more coverage as the weekend continues!

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