Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tervigon - Arachnarock Conversion Reborn: The Original Gets a New Look!

Old School here to post up some photos of the Arachnarock Tervigon, or Tervigon Alpha with a new Hive Fleet and new paint job. A little bit of history first: About a year ago, I was able to use a combination of Ninja tricks, 007 espionage and a little Jedi mind trick to get my hands on the Arachnarock kit before it was available for purchase. With the kit in hand, I was the first to convert this monster, which I first named the Dryder Tervigon and later Tervigon Alpha, but enough history, let's take a look at this big beautiful woman-bug (does that make her a BBW-B?)

My lady here has been called many things, to include a cricket, but I stand by her as one of my favorite conversions and when many of my original Nid army made the journey to Ebay, she was sure to stay on hand for the "In Case of Emergency" Nid army, which has spearheaded the rebirth of Hive Fleet Behemoth!

While she is finished (until I really look at these photos, lol), I am still working on her base. I want her walking over some Maccrage themed destruction, with plenty of snow, mud, blood, icicles and even some after-birth slime coming from her birth canal (think of the movie Teeth). Anyway, once that is complete, I will post her in her final form.

The methods I used for painting this model are the same as for my Hive Fleet Behemoth Genestealers, only taken to a larger scale (and with that, one extra glaze of Turquoise was used before adding Ice Blue - that is the only real change). In fact, I do not plan to cover the construction aspects on this post, but if you would like to see those posts, a whole string of posts on here are available here. That should tell you everything you need to know about building this bug.

As others have mentioned, she is a little big on the table, which can be a good and a bad thing. I personally feel that when a Tervigon model does come out, it will have a smaller profile, though I still think 6-wound creatures will use oval bases as a standard and I build mine with that in mind. In the end though, I built this model to look cool more than for table top advantages or consideration. Hopefully, once based, the cool factor will really be in effect.

A shot of the big old bug booty!

Of course she is magnetized for upgrades to Scything Talons, Crushing Claws and even head swaps to represent Psychic Powers. I will have those finished for you when I post her on a finished base.

The mouth parts normally dedicated to the screamer killer carnifex set up were painted in Tentacle Pink (yeah, I still got it!). The tongue was as well. Both parts were then washed in Leviathan Purple. Once dry, I hit the recesses and entire tongue with Baal Red and called it a day. I think it came out rather well and will likely repeat it on my other large bugs and monstrous creatures.

The plates were something I was a little worried about with the size of them. I notice a few spots where they I went a little flat with some of the glazes and I will go back and correct that, but beyond that, I am pretty happy that the scheme still looks good on the big bugs (when I finished the stealers, it was a real concern for me).

I hope you enjoyed this scatter-brained revamp post, in the future, I will be bringing you Hive Guard and Gants!

Before I go, I will give you a little comparison between the new paint job and the quickie wash job I gave the model last year. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to check out the links above if you are interested in building one of your own or need advice on painting Behemoth colors. Please don't hesitate to comment and let me know what you think.


  1. Very nice. I love the look of this monster. Great colors. Where is the blog on ninja trickery to get models before their time?

  2. I prefer the older colors, but only because I'm never a big fan of standard color patterns. Great conversion, quite clever model usage.

  3. Very cool! Love the Behemoth scheme, and the highlights on the chitin looks ace. Great work, man!

  4. a lot better now, good job on it man :D

  5. I prefer the new scheme, it's much richer overall, damn GW.

    Have to say my work colleague discussed the film Teeth once he actually said "Teeth, that's the film with the woman who has 'claws' in her...". "No mate, that film would be called 'Claws'" but he's also asked where the Hunchback of Notre Dame is from so I expect nothing more from him.

  6. Very impressive and cool Model Sir!!! **golf Clap.

  7. Thank you for the compliments, guys, it keeps me going! I have many more Nids to bust out before this army is done and I look forward to some nice extras like objective markers and turn counters themed toward the battle for Maccrage!

  8. These colors really do allow it to pop much more. I finished up my similar conversion, just need to finish painting it before I send you the pics.

    I'm surprised yours gets made fun of. Cricket? I would like to see them calling it that when it eats their face.

  9. I kinda preferred the original paint job...