Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Team Death Star

Hello my long lost companions! As I am sure plenty of you know, I have had to take a long break from both 40k and posting due to my travel schedule for work. However starting next week.... I do not travel for OVER a month, nearly two, and maybe even longer!

With such wondrous news for my friends, and horrible news for my opponents I am here also to inform you of my next project... and the announcement of some of your favorite members of DFG's intentions to the Adepticon Team Tournament.

We decided that this year, without time to -really- plan out and create a kick ass all out super painted competitive army. We would go and have a TON of fun, and hopefully win some games at least. And most of all (of course) get a bunch of drinks down our gullets. So no real serious stuff on our side, just some gaming fun.

Yet do not think this team of super stars will cave to your whimsy! No no sir... we are Team Death Star.... and as such the majority if not entirety of our list will be one giant squad of doom! Destined to cause chaos and destroy much of your army (or at least that is our hope.)

As for me? What am I taking? Well here is a hint at least.... they are big, they are mean, they are loud, and they are GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!

That is right, I am running one of the Orky death star lists.... I will not release details to you yet... however be on the look out for more posts showing some of my builds....

Until next time

Orks is the biggest and the strongest.....

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  1. Your Team can't repel firepower of this Magnitude!

    Man if only we could get Samsquatch Monster to run a Xenos force too.