Monday, December 12, 2011

13th company Thunder Wolves WIP 5 (With one finished one)

OST got me a no reason semi-present in the form of yet another demon prince so I'm making number 5 for the thunderwolf pack.  I'd ultimately like to just replace the first one.  His pose is so static compared to the rest of the pack that he no longer fits.  The aging alpha male, replaced by this bad SoB.  Poor guy...Oh, also, jump for a finished model.  

I really wanted the stretched out lunging model.  I had to cut up the leg to get the fully stretched out push.  I also put up the WIP without finishing the GS work to show where I start with the warhound head.  Its pretty much cut off and glued on.

I had this guy worked up to have a thunderhammer but at the same time worked the shape as an acceptable axe.  Its a stretch but I'm pretty sure it'll be just fine.  It goes back to the slow building hatred for the first one, but the axe on that guy..that demon axe's so terrible.

So finally, I didn't want to show the finished painted model until I had all of them for that "WOW!" factor, but OST insisted.  I'm happy to show everyone who has followed the project since the first WIP, thanks for following and keep checking back.  There'll be more.

I really like how the nose and ears turned out.  Astronomicon grey and whatever the foundation red is.  Then delvin mud wash.  I didn't do the pupils because it would have ended up less Micheal Jackson Thriller and more funny googly eyes.

Keep watching for more!


  1. I love it! I think the 13th Company has awakened the conversion skills that have only peaked out to see us so far. This is the crowing achievement in this army so far. I plan to take what you have shown here and apply it to my Angron conversion and take it up a notch there - but once again, you blazed the path.

    Congrats on another great model and congrats on graduating school - just had to throw it in.

  2. Yeah, these really are the most impressive, inspired conversions I've seen in a long time.

  3. What was this decline mud wash you speak of?

  4. ?

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Lord Solar Steve, the esteemed inventor of Decline Mud wash, one bottle will decline all of your mud!

  6. I am never updating from my phone again.... I fail hard at it.....

    Not as bad as Old School fails at painting his Death Wing... but still pretty bad....

  7. Too soon. I think Sandusky jokes are more acceptable than Death Wing jokes.

  8. Lookin good sir. I like the direction your space wolves have gone. Its original and expertly executed.