Friday, November 18, 2011

Wolfson Preps His Eldar For Adepticon: Painted Farseer, Fire Dragons and Rangers

So its official I will be joining the rest of the DFG crew at the wonderful event known as Adepticon. This will be my first Adepticon and i am stoked to finally get out to see the rest of the DFG crew. I will be bringing along my Eldar and a Fantasy army to throw down with. The next few months will be full of painting and modeling to ensure that everything is good to go. I am looking at sending the two armies back with OST when he visits in January so i don't have to take them on the plane. This leaves me with a small amount of time to finish both these projects so look for frequent updates as more models are finished from both Armies.

I really enjoyed painting these Fire Dragons and spent a considerable amount of time staring at Google Images "Fire" to try an understand how to blend reds oranges and yellows for the armor.
I had completed these Rangers a while back but never posted them, sorry guys. I tried to create as much contrast to the rest of my army as possible with these models. I imagine Rangers being rugged yet still elegant so I gave them more of a dirty feel with the cloaks while retaining elegance with the armor.
This Farseer was one of the most challenging models i have painted recently as my freehand is not great by any standard but i wanted to imitate stars on his cloak. I have come close to just redoing it as i am still indifferent to the effect but i am keeping it for now.
Well this is all i have for now, i will be posting some Dire Avengers soon that are almost finished and then I think its on to some Grav Tanks for a bit. Cant wait to see everyone at Adepticon!


  1. I like what you did on the bases of the pathfinders. The fire dragons look awesome, I like that orange.

    I think the cloak on the farseer looks great. I like the splatter and the color contrast. I don't think it needs to be redone unless you wanted a totally different design.

  2. I agree. The cloak is great and if you are worried about the big stars, don't be, the effect works just fine and from the table, will really look great and make it stand out instead of looking like a purple cloak (the small stars will be hard to see on a model that small).

    The Fire Dragons look damn fine. When I saw them in the middle of their paintjobs, I knew they were going to look good! That orange is very nice!

    Also ... I couldn't help but notice that the stars on the cloak had eight points ... I always knew you were a heretic!

  3. When you're responsible for 25% of the chaos gods, you gotta rep your hood.

  4. lol gotta represent you know my roots OST and thanks for the complements guys

  5. Also might look a little goofy if i drew those stars i use to get in grade school you know the 5 pointed ones.........

  6. I have to echo the comments above, the bases for the pathfinders are outstanding looking.

  7. mmmmm Eldar Sexyness. I like the Fire Dragons. Mine turned out bright as hell. Maybe thats why they die so quick on the table.