Monday, November 21, 2011

Leaked Images: New Beastmen Giant Monsters = Awesome Huge Conversions!!

Old School here with some photos of the Beastmen Ghorgon, Cygor and Jabberslythe! It seems that the design studio has decided to keep up the great work it has been doing with its big Fantasy monsters and Ogre lines by creating the missing giant beasts from the Beastmen Army Book. Make no mistake, this is good for the Beastmen, but great for hobbyists who flock to the dark side from both the 40k and the fantasy lines. Let's check out all the pics!

Alright, so the Ghorgon is made of straight-up evil just as you would imagine from it's Army book entry and art, but what really exites me about it is the potential it has for conversion. In this beast you have a four armed giant monster essentially - with a bull's head. I can picture some amazing Slaaneshi Exalted Daemon conversions that take more of their looks from the Keeper and less from the sexy Forge World model. You could also use the top half to make a really great Khorne or Keeper of Secrets style soul grinder as well (or even a defiler for my insane World Eaters!!)

Why stop there? I think this may finally be the model that I either use for my Greater Daemon in my Chaos Khorne themed army - or it could even be Angron (I picture him being HUGE). Just imagine the model with a different head, cables, armor and a set of wings from the Manticore kit! Expensive, but incredible!

For Fantasy, you can now make a way scarier Chaos Giant or even the named Shaggoth character with some serious conversion work.

But what about our friend the Cygor, the Wyrdstone chucking maniac - acid tripping giant beast? Well, Tzeentch themed fantasy armies just got a one-eyed giant and if you ever wanted to go nuts, you could make a Giant Magnus on the scale he appeared in the book Thousand Sons (lots of work there). Other than that, I would just second the comments for the Ghorgon mostly.

Now the Jabberslythe! Did you ever notice how lame the Citadel Great Unclean One is? Ever wish they would just give you a new one? Well, I think this could be a great start and if not for a GUO, then for a Ku'Grath conversion! The wings could then be used for a daemon Prince. I swear that GW is just trying to get me to make a huge converted Daemon army ... and they just might with all the sick stuff they have dropped lately!

Aside from Ku' Grath, I could easily see this as an opportunity to make a great Warshrine to Nurgle for Warriors of Chaos ... or even the bottom half of the giant dragon ogre I was talking about earlier (so expensive, but potentially cool!)

Anyway, the bottom line is that these two kits look amazing and have tons of potential across the ranges. I am giddy with exitement at the thought of making some VERY nasty models from these kits! That isn't to say that they aren't cool enough for what they were intended to do, but hey, I'm not a Beastmen player, so I want to corrupt these models further.

With my two cents out of the way, what do you guys think? Great models? Horrible? Have some ideas of what you would do with them with unlimited resources and time? We would love to hear it!

A big thanks to the Dice Abide for posting the original pics .


  1. That first one looks kinda like a beastman version of a keeper of secrets.

    I like that the studio is going on a big monster kick as of late. Now if only they would fill out the models in a couple of 40K codexs.

  2. The thing that concerns me is the Citadel Finecast above the miniatures... That could be a pretty expensive model as a big monster.

  3. The Finecast model is the Jabberslythe, which appears to be on a chariot base, so not too big. I would reference the Cockatrice for price and if they make it too expensive, then I say vote with your wallet, that's what I will do if that is the case.