Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It Came From the Forums: Swamp Necrons and Renegade Kroot from Marco Schulze!

Old School here with another installment of It Came From the Forums. This time we will be looking at the work of an artist who has been featured in another It Came From the Forums post; Marco Schulze. Previously, we looked at his Tyranids, but I have found another set of incredible models in another forum, so let's take a look!

First off, the Monolith has never been high on my list of awesome in terms of modeling, mostly due to the fact that when I see them, they have boring, green plastic crystals and they are sitting on the table or a super small flying base. This is the Monolith with Extra Awesome. I love the base as it looks like it is hovering. The moss and the grimy finish really speaks to an "awakened Tomb World" theme.

Again, a great job with the moss and the ancient feel of the army, but the next unit is where the moss really shines.

There is just something about the Immortals here, they look great and the moss is hanging just right, It reminds me of when I lived in South Carolina (in the swamp) and I can just imagine seeing these how it would be if they rose in my former back yard.

Some swampy Warriors ...

... a scenic shot sets the mood. Check out the original post for more shots like these.

More shots of the warriors.

Gaunts and Crons - With the new codex, now only one of them lacks personality.

Another great scenic shot.

I love these scarabs. What a great way to make an otherwise boring swarm base shine!

As I wrap up the Crons with this epic Spyder, I direct your attention to an army that you have likely seen before, but is no less striking each time you come across it. Of course I mean the Kroot Renegades:

If I ever find myself running a Tau army again, this is the way I would attempt to go. I love the mix of the savage and the eloquent, the rough shapes and colors mixed with the smooth, clean design of the Tau ... that and looting things just makes me smile!

Sure, he may not really look like he has a 3+, but he does have this HUGE shield.

A couple more shots ....

 ... and moving (reluctantly) on ...

Now this is an interesting take on the Crisis Suit. I love how the gunner haphazardly just bound the plasma and the missile launcher together. The Orks can take a page from the Kroot on looting!

Ever seen the motivational poster with the commissar and the Bane Blade? Here it is with a Kroot driving a Hammerhead! "Fly closer, I want to cut some bacon off their back!"

I will close with the big guns and kindly ask that you head over to the galleries at Legions Hobbies and Games and check out Marco's Necrons and his Kroot and while you are there, check out some of the best consolidated galleries on the web!



  1. Those are some truly lovely swamp-crons. Put my mediocre swamp bases quite to shame... but fill my twisted little head with ideas, so they do.

  2. I'm consistently amazing by the stuff you manage to dig up- those Swampcrons are wonderful.

    Had seen the Kroot Suit Riot (Riot!) before, but that doesn't make it less cool.

  3. I hadn’t seen either army before... and now I am cursing them for thinking of those ideas before me!!! Seriously though, that is one way to make those necrons look amazing, and the attention to detail given before the new codex came out screams dedication and imagination to me.

    Considering that the next large army project for me that will involve major conversion work will most likely be the Tau, I’m in awe of the attention to detail and theme that the Kroot Renegades army has to them.

    Beautiful work on both armies!

  4. Do ever take off your sunday best? Looks like you have made it once again into my weekly themed top x. I'm starting to wondering if you have a spy in my midst working to crack my themes. Cheers and thanks for sharing.

  5. These are beautiful! Any chance of a tutorial on how you did the bases?