Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Contemplation of a Contemptor via Comprising a Compilation.

Even if you don't like the look of the model, the Contemptor is a pretty awesome model for the hobbiest-lite to have a very personalized model.   This guy is made up of about 27 parts, (Good run down of the model here) all of which are made for maximum articulation.  Since Forgeworld took forever between sending me the wrong dread and then being on back order, I satisfied my need to have this guy in my grubby little hands by surfing the net and seeing what others did.

First thing I see when I look is posing.  The model has so many joints that have a huge range of motion without any sort of extra modeling work that I find it tragic when I see box dread square stance on these guys.  Anytime I see it I just ask myself why the bought this dread?  Why not buy at older one that has more bits and chapter specific bodies.

Remember, when you point a finger at someone, you have 3 pointing back at you...or 2...if you're a Contemptor.  But either way those 2 fingers are saying pointing fingers on 40k models are dumb.  Don't belittle your model by not thinking about the possibilities this model gives you and going with the knee jerk reaction of "omg!  I can pose his fingers!? I'll have him pointing!"

I do like the back swing.  The model is really easy to give motion too, and part of that is understanding the physiology of the body (or in this case, the machine).  Having a big back handed swing winding  up takes a counter balance and I'm a fan on how well this model can be posed for that.

Also, don't be afraid to add in your bits to make the dread belong to your chapter.  As far as I know, there are no chemical reactions or destabilized molecules between forge world resin and GW plastic.


And then there is the extreme of the balance.  Whenever I look at this guy I think he needs a bow and arrow in his hand.  I hope that's what the modeler was going for because if so, we have a winner!

Here is simple pose that really works for the model.  It looks like an old western gun fighter just drew up his assault cannon.  Also, good addition again to make your model personalized to your chapter.  JHova at anythingbutones did this.  He ultimately has changed the pose, but check out the gun.  Its a libby dread force weapon arm converted up.  The dread is set up for some pretty easy conversions.  The way the arms are makes it much easier to slap some existing heavy weapons on there.

A pair from Mordian7th at mordian7thregiment blog.  Seeing two together really make me want to get another now.  Something about the pair of them.  I like the las cannon has the closed fist, not a lot of that going around.   

Alright, time just for some eye candy.  I stole these from various sites and wish I could give credit were credit is due on these, I'll get that info up sooner than later because these artists deserve it.

This templar dread is amazing.  The idea of grabbing up the dread knight sword and giving it to someone that knows what they're doing with it.  Awesome. I see this working well for any of the dreads and the scaling is perfect.

Too bad there is nuclear winter in the back ground of this picture, but it does give it a heavenly feel.  I'm a big fan the fact that not only did this person use a sword, but he put wings all over this golden blood angel dread.

Iron hand dual plasma cannon dread.  This guy is out to kill traitors scum.  I really like the hunched stalking pose, though blasting off two plasma cannons I wouldn't say is all that sneaky.

This salamander dread has about as much movement as you can have and still keep the dread standing.  I put one the WIP shots in there because the forward facing doesn't show it exactly.  He looks like he's about to scoop up some poor marine and squish the jelly center out of him.  I like everything the artist did except the horn/spike/tusk/whatever things sticking out of the back.

Super clean models always get me.  Rustistudio at Coolmini did this guy up. More of him here

This was featured on GW site, but its still a good paint job.  I'm floored that he said it only took 5 hours.  I hate the true professional painters that crank this shit out like it's their job...

Nothing special about the pose, but the weathering is really nice.  One day I'll figure out how to do that.  Until then all my stuff is fresh off the parade deck.  

Finally, an ultramarine one.  He's pointing, so -10 for that (what would he be pointing at?  What if you're playing Tau?  Is he calling out the Etheral?  Big man there...) , but its a nice clean paintjob.  Looks like something I would have done. :) 

Fantastic diorhama of a imperial fist dread.  I just see it as walking down the steps of the palace blasting down traitors...  I also like that the piece can be taken out of the display and used.  Very nice.  

And now, the traitors....

 One thing skipped over is that the dread can be a chaos legion dread as well, and I'm really glad that some serious artists got a hold of the Contemptor and went to town.

There is a very special place in my heart for this night lord dread. (More here, with other figs) The fist is a little hard to make out but its the flamer and has a bellow of fiery smoke coming out of it.  The wings are a bit much but still not really out of place.  I love the wrapped barbed wire too.  Just a little insult to injury when you get swiped aside with that lascannon.

Berzerker dread.  Nicely done etched looking khorne symbol.  I wonder when berzerkers get a clear enough mind to do artistry stuff like this, or are they just raving lunatics and part of that lunacy is the ability to draw/carve/paint/cut perfect khorne symbols while rocking back and forth saying "...blood.  Blood, skulls.  Skulls.....SKULLS!"

Iron warrior dread, just for OST.  Kind of boring pose and nothing done for conversion but clean and to the point.  I think the chaos players are just budding into the idea of using the Contemptor (because most chaos players aren't interested in investing in their current chaos army I bet)

A true preheresy Contemptor.  This is about the only preheresy one I've seen.  I really don't have words for it.  Its amazing, its by QiaoZhong.  See for yourself.

Another Thousand Sons dread.  More important, a very simple autocannon conversion.

Classic nurgle.  Heavy GS work.  The Contemptor seems unexpectedly suited for nurgle just because its torso already looks bloated and diseased.

And finally, mine.  13th company, hunting down some thousand sons.  Maybe next time your Primarch won't wreck Terra on accident, flippin' idiot.  More to come on this guy as I finish him.  


  1. There's just so much you can do with the Contemptor kit. I picked up a pair of them, just so I could do one running and one standing!

    I love what you've done with your SW Contemptor, as much as it galls me to say it as a Thousand Sons player! :)

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I'll bring mine to adepticon. We can redo the burning of prospero. I added you're to the compilation to save people the linking.

  3. I currently am posing mine like it is hiding behind a tree and parting the branches. Gets lots of laughs and when it gets over looked in some area terrain and i unleash the full force of the blood talons (i play flesh tearers) they weep forgetting to shoot it!

  4. This post... I need a cigarette

    Here is how I posed mine:

  5. Man... looking at the posability, and that Black Templars Contemptor, I really want to convert one (or more) to serve as a Grey Knight Dreadknight. So much sexier than the baby-carrier robot.

  6. An excellent selection thanks for taking the time to post them all up and kudos to all those who created them. I'm planning two Contemptors and now I have a whole host of cool ideas for them bouncing round the dusty cavern of my noggin.

  7. If only I'd seen this before starting my own BA Contemptor! Aw well, atleast I can use the weathering effect idea to really make it worthy of the name "Relic", Still got an arm to finish with an underslung Kheres AC, should make up for the "slow pace" walk I've created (very un-close range Blood Angels army like)

  8. Thanks for featuring my dreadnought

    My Space Wolves Contemptor has moved to the following location if you would like to update.