Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scibor Makes Ogres: Slaughter Master, Tyrant, Giant Beast! Also, a little slice of Orky Heaven!

Old School here to inform you of another GW alternative, this time for Ogre Kingdoms. It seems Scibor Miniatures is at it again and have brought forward three new offerings; a slaughter master, tyrant and some kind of Mournfang Monster! Let's take a look.
The model above is still in the development stages and while it is in the awkward stages of WIP status, it may turn out to be a very nice conversion. The problem is (in my opinion) that the Mournfang cavalry are already great looking models and really aren't that expensive since they are hard to spam out. Also, the Ogre book didn't give us the option for ogre heroes to be mounted on the fangs, so a Tyrant riding a rhino/lizard beast isn't really called for. Without a doubt, it will likely be a really nice model, I just won't be picking one up.

Next up is the Slaughter Master. I was a little unsure of this model when I saw the greens a while ago. It originally looked like he was fanning a nasty fart away from himself with his cleaver. I think the re-positioning was good. He is so fat that I am not sure how he got to the battlefield, but there is something I like about him. I think he makes a good alternative to the GW model for folks who don't like the really gruesome "hooks through flesh" look. I may purchase one as a way to get in on their promo model (see below).

Our last stop on the Ogre express is this barefoot beauty, which I think makes a poor tyrant (I think tyrants might have bullied themselves into some shoes. I do think this model has potential for being a bruiser BSB though and with a little green stuff work, he could be outstanding.

Now I know it sounds like I have been a little hard on Scibor, but remember that these minis weren't made to be Warhammer Fantasy Ogres, they work there, but they really reflect the artist's point of view and his or her style, so in that vein, I think they are really great. Now just like I promised, here is the reason to buy from Scibor this month:

That wonderful piece of funny is their promotion this month, so go check out Scibor, take a look around if you have never been there before and for the love of god, get your hands on that hilarious ork!


  1. Being one of the only company to realize the awesomeness that is Lion Storm Shields Scribor is one of my favorite companies!